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Do my bloods and private test say I should be doing anything?

Hello me again . Still have total hair loss,(alopeacia) hypothyroidism coeliac disease , vitilago lichen planus (legs) and now arms and body have broken out ,not sure what very itchy cant sleep. I saw consultant he says its the scratching that's made it worst don't scratch! Easier said than done. I am trying T3 (20 )and take T4 50 Levo as Endo said T4 was very low feel better than I did on 125 of levo alone. But not great GP sent me for a test to see if itching anything to do with blood, negative and biospy said negative but still feel poorly so I wondered if its possible for someone to comment on them doctor as doctor said fine. Also when I had a private test done at Regenerus Labs, it showed" Established (Phase three) Adrenal gland failure (hypoadrenia)and "estrogen dominance "it says the "EQ is optimal and Estriol is less potent than other estrogens and when present in sufficient quantities plays an antagonistic role" It goes on" the upper testosterone level and reported symptoms are suggestive of metabolic syndrome (insulin resistance) The Endo refused to look at the papers she said that she couldn't do anything about them. Any comments please.


TSH 0.07 mu/L range 0.35 - 4.94

FreeT4 5.9 pmolL 9.0 - 19.0 * (I thought this was low)

Free T3 4.0 2.6 - 6.1

sodium 138 mmol/L 133.0- 146.0

Potassium 4.4 3.5 - 5.3

Chloride 104 95.0 - 108.0

Creatinine 52 60.0 - 120.0 *?(low)

Est GFR 109 mL/min Normal GFR 90mL/min

Urea 4.6 2.5 - 7.8

Liver F T

Albumin Serum 38 g/L 35.0.- 50.0

Total Bilirubin 20 0.0 - 21.0

Alkaline Phos Serum 56 u/L 20.0- 130.00

AST 20 5.0 - 40.0

ALT 16 5.0 - 40.0

CRP 2 mg/L 0.0 - 10.0

CBC Hgb 137 g/L 120.0 -.160.0

WBC 7.0 4.0 0- 11.0

plats 308 150.0 - 4.00.0

RBC 4.2 4.0-5.8

Hct 41.0 35.0 -48.0

MCV 96 80.0 -99.0

MCH 32.3 27.0 - 32.0 *High and what is it?

MCHC 338 300.0- 340.0

RDW 13 12.0 - 16.0

Neut 5.3 2.0 - 7.0

Lymph 0.9 1.0 - 4.00 * low

Mono 0.6 0.2 - 1.0

Eos 0.2 0.1 - 0.6

Baso 0.1 0.0- 0.1 *

ESR whole blood 11 1.0 - 14.0

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Feel like I'm really banging on about this at the moment but I can't help it, have you ever been tested for pernicious anaemia (autoimmune B12 deficiency)? High MCV and MCH are signs of macrocytosis (enlarged red blood cells) as seen in B12 and/or folate deficiency. You also have top end range billirubin which can also be seen in B12 deficiency. All of the conditions you have are associated with PA. As is Addison's Disease (adrenal failure). You need to see if your Endo will rule out these 2 conditions.

Symptom checker here:

More B12 info here:

And info on Addison's here:'s-Disease.htm

Scroll down to the section "Associated Disease" and look at the table "Polyglandular Autoimmune Syndrome". How one goes about finding an Endo with any knowledge of this kind of thing is another matter...

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...see below...M:-)


So glad hampster1 posted - I was jumping up and down reading your post and that's only with a smidgen of her knowledge.

So sad the Endo would/could not do anything....hope you can follow the advice given above....and wishing you well soon.


Thank you both for this I had been reading as lot lately about B12 and wondered if that was me I will ask if I can be tested. When all of this started my GP said she was convinced I had Addisons she referred me to the Endo who was so convinced she put me on Steroids straight away I had some heart burn but felt so much better. I was tested and it came back Cortisol Basal Serum 253.6 mmo/L 250- 700

Cortisol Post Synachen (30 min) serum 637

Normal Adrenal Function JS

Stimulated cortisols of 600 mmo/L with .200 mmo/L increments make adrenal insufficiency unllikely.

Synacthen Dose 250 ug." The Endo was so surprised she requested another test. my blood test at that time (Jun 2013) had shown:

Cortisol Serum 189 mmo/L 250 - 700 which is why she requested the test.On that test the Billirubin is shown as 6 umo/L 0.0. - 21.0

Creatinine i shown as 56 umo/L 60.0 - 120.0

MCH 32.7 pg 27.0 - 32.0

MCHC 353 g/L 300.0 - 340.0

B12 278 ng/L 150.0 - 900. 0

Folate 10.3 ug/L 3.1 - 19.9

Ferritin 29 ug/L 11.0 -307.0

She took me off the steriods(which I had stopped for the test) and said "I have no doubt that you will have Addison at some point and will continue testing you every time we meet ( 6 monthly)

I was still convinced I had Adrenal Fatigue and had complete the Dr Wilson Questionnaire and scored very high so that's when I contacted Regenerus especially as I thought I might have the defective gene. When the results came back my GP said they showed I had the defective Gene but the Endo said they didn't. Either way that's when I asked if I could try T3 any way as I had been on Levothyroxine for about 15 years at that point.

Have been doing lots of my own research so will definately read all you have suggested but as you say getting a good Endo is difficult, but I can always self medicate if I feel confident thats what is wrong.

Thanks again


Given that your serum B12 is testing in the low normal range and, assuming you are not supplementing, I would strongly recommend you ask the Endo to run the methylmalonic acid (MMA) and homocysteine tests for you. My Endo did MMA for me so I know they can do this. This might clarify things more regarding B12, no decisions can be made based on the useless serum B12 test. Your ferritin is also on the low side which has the effect of reducing the MCV and MCH: effectively if your iron levels were normal your MCV and MCH would probably be higher and the macrocytosis would be more obvious to the doctor.

My Endo also ran an autoimmunity antibody screen which showed I was strongly positive for parietal cell antibodies. So it would also be worth asking the Endo to run anti-intrinsic factor abs and anti-parietal cell abs. More info on testing here:

Re adrenals you must watch this presentation from Doctor Chandy (from the charity) at the Pernicious Anaemia Society conference:


Ps I have never been tested for PA and I did do the B12 test before I have just done again and it says" 63 is> 20 Follow Treatment Pathway deficiency established" I don't know what this means?


It means that if Dr Chandy was your doctor you'd be treated for B12 deficiency. If only we all had a doctor like him. It might become clearer if you read the full treatment protocol here:

And this is the BMJ Best Practice guidelines that he refers to:

Might be worth copying both of these to your Endo.



Thank you so much for this haven't heard of some of these test but am paring a document for Endo with all the info I have collated and will certainly be adding and asking about this. Looking at my Regenurs results Endo said within norm but now knowing that doesn't mean anything.

DHEA 126.62 range 106 .0 - 300.0

Cortisol morning 6.45 nmol/L 5.1 -40.2 optimal 18 -35

noon 4.77 2.1 -15.7 6-12

eve 4.28 1.8 12.0 4-8

night 3.94 0.9 - 8.2 2 -6

Only one inthe optimal is the late night one which explains why I feel better about 10pm !

Dr Chandy amazing interesting how often great medicine , or great anything comes form necessithence why I helped found Anaphylaxis campaign when my son had a reaction. Again thank you.x


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