Taking levo at night if you need to eat?

I’ve (finally) been on levo 75mcg for the last ten days. Probably too soon to say how it’s going, but I had a dilemma and I wonder what other people do in these circumstances.

I have been taking it at night, which works best with my schedule. Bedtime on an empty stomach. That was fine until last night when I went out straight from work and didn’t get home until midnight (this may be Springsteen related and therefore completely excusable lol). I do have blood sugar issues so I had to eat when I got in, so I didn’t take my levo.

Does this matter? I noticed that my temp had dropped below 36 again this morning and my neck feels very hot and prickly today.


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  • So when did you take it - did you miss a dose completely.

    Being that T4 is a storage hormone is shouldn't matter but, in my experience, it does. Doctors will have you believe that an increase/decrease will take weeks to take effect but I know within a day or two if I have changed my med amounts.

    Maybe a little forward thinking is needed next time you are in the same situation. If you know you are going out then pick at time when you are unlikely to eat for at least an hour, take your T4 with you, and take it then. I would rather take my T4 with food (which as you know is never ideal) that not take it at all. Sometimes rules have to be bent to suit lifestyles and as long as it doesn't become a regular thing then I wouldn't stress over it, you will just have to remember that there is a possible price to pay as far as symptoms are concerned.

    Moggie x

    p.s. Hope Springsteen was worth it.lol.

  • Agreed.

    It is when people take with breakfast every day that absorption becomes such an important issue. I take mine straight after a blood draw even though I have very recently had breakfast nine times out of ten.

    It is quite possibly worse to skip a dose when you are on a low/starting regime than when you have been stable for a long time on a decent dose. That is a guess not based on research!


  • Yes, I missed the dose completely. I would have taken it if I had woken up in the night, but for some reason I slept straight through last night (must have been the 3 hours plus dancing!)

    Forward planning would seem to be the answer then.

    And yes, he was SO worth it!


  • THREE hours of dancing - no wonder you have symptoms this morning.lol

    Glad you enjoyed it.

    Moggie x

  • I thought it was pretty good for someone whose GP is convinced she has CFS…


  • I take mine at night and it generally works better than a.m. For me. Occasionally that means I take it having eaten beforehand with no bad effect. However, I find prolonged activity (2 or 3 days of long days and lots of physical activity) equals a day of feeling a total lack of energy. Hence Bruce last Saturday and then again on Tuesday in Glasgow had a culminative effect yesterday, when my tank was well and truly empty. You have to pace yourself.

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