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Should I be taking Levo on the morning of a blood test


I have a post TT blood test next Monday at 11.20am. Should i be taking my levo first thing? Doc is saying she just intends to do TSH so going to push for T3 and T4 as i understand T3 is a critical issue especially as my TT was for unstable Hashimotos with nodules. Would love to hear from those in the know!

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No I wouldn't - some on here say it effects the test result and some say it doesn't so to be on the safe side I would take it straight after the test.

Moggie x

lollybif in reply to Moggie

Thanks, i thought this was the case. Am new to this site as had a TT for unstable Hashimoto's 3 weeks ago and am feeling worse as each day goes by. GP is well meaning but pretty useless when it comes to the thyroid unless it's a text book case it seems. Endo has been very supportive and am seeing him next week to look at bloods as I'm feeling really ill. i never thought it would be like this and am taking comfort from the support i have recieved from fellow sufferers.

Really appreciate your advice.


Moggie's advice is good.

lollybif in reply to shaws

I'll take any good advice i can get at the moment. thank you!


Realise it is too late, but you never actually KNOW they won't test FT4 and/or FT3. You simply assume because they never (or almost never) do.

So always best to avoid the possibility of test results being of the peak of serum levels in the few hours after taking - rather than the more realistic level that eventually drops to.


lollybif in reply to helvella

Thanks for this Rod, it's not too late at all. actually got an urgent appt to see an Endo at 9.00 am in the morning as I's getting progressively worse day by day and feel like i'm dying! Won't take my thyroxine before i go. Guess my post op dose is wrong or maybe need some T3. Hopefully they will shed some light on why i feel so dreadful. Can't function at all but hoped this surgery would give me some life back.

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