When to do a finger prick blood test now I'm taking thyroxine at night?

I'm unsure when I should be doing my Blue Horizon finger prick test now I've switched to taking my medication at night. Do I skip my nighttime dose and do the test in the morning? Seems quite a long time after my last dose then, and also how do I go about taking my missed dose? Skip it and take the next one at my usual time? (About 10 pm....)

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Like you, I take my Levo at night (wee small hours actually!) so when I'm due to do a BH test I simply don't take it that night, and then double up the dose the next night. T4 has quite a long half life in the body and so you won't suddenly run out of it. How much are you taking currently?

Thanks for replying :) I'm currently taking 75 mg.

You can miss night dose and take after test and the night dose as usual.

That's quite a low dose. :) I think you can safely double that up the next night, do your finger-prick test early as per usual. Some people actually take an entire week's worth of Levo at a time, not something I'd want to do!


I normally take mine at bedtime. I just delay taking it until straight after blood test. Then take the next dose that evening as normal.


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