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Omg I can't believe the lab actually tested my FT3!


So after the third request the lab finally tested my FT3 it has come back as 'normal' 4.4 (3.6-6.4) my TSH is now down to 1.1.

I am taking B12, vitD3, iron folic acid, magnesium and vitC.

Although I do feel much better my anxiety is still here....I missed a dose of Levo one day last week and I have been so anxious ever since, could this be the reason? I still feel I might be under medicated but surely the Endo will poo poo this when he looks at my results.

Any advice please as I have an appointment with the Endo this Thursday :)

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4.4 for your FT3 is pretty low considering your TSH of 1.1. Any chance you could ask if there is a possibility of giving you some T3 as well?

Shazy-B in reply to Muffy

Thanks Muffy I was thinking of asking for some T3 but I'm a bit concerned it might put more stress on my adrenals as I believe I have adrenal fatigue and this is what's causing the anxiety and adrenalin surges


Missing one day's dose of levo shouldn't cause problems. Maybe worrying about the missed dose has made you feel anxious.

Shazy-B in reply to shaws

Thanks Shaws but it was only a couple of days after I missed my Levo and was feeling anxious that it remembered I'd forgotten it....still got a touch if the old brain fog :)

<smile> I know what you mean about forgetting, then sometime later remembering I'd forgotten, then getting anxiety-ridden -- about forgetting, forgetting I'd forgotten, then remembering much later.... and OMG, I'm sure I've got early-onset Alzheimer's and that twinge must be the onset of something *else* related to the thyroid and ....

I was on the phone w/my 79-year-old mum the other day, who's been hypo all her life and has lived through a very nasty thyroid cancer. I'm saying, "Mum, I'm dying. I know I'm dying." Her reply, "Dear, I'm sure you are but I'm late for my Zumba class. I'll call you back later and we can talk about it."

Reading between the lines she was telling me: Slow down, relax, stop worrying about everything all the sudden and it'll all get a bit better.

So I'm trying to follow her advice. Still, when I read your posting I heard myself and just thought to post in sympathy.

You're lucky that you've got an endo AND your FT3, not to mention all the folks here who are so incredibly helpful.

Let us know how you get on at your appointment this week.

Shazy-B in reply to CatSlave

I really don't know what I would have done without all of the amazing advice I've had from the fabulous people on this forum catslave, I was so sick and full of despair for so long and now I feel that there is light at the end if the tunnel and I am gaining control back of my life.

I believe the answer is knowledge is power; research research research, don't be fobbed off and certainly don't take no for an answer, know your own body and when things aren't right and make it your goal to fix it :)

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