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Swinging from Hyper to Hypo

My blood tests from Jan 2014

TSH 0.14 mu/l Range 0.34-5.60

Free T4 7.9 Range 7.9-20

Free T3 4.9 Range 3.80-6.00

Reduced meds from100 mcg to 75mcg

Blood tests 11th April 2014

TSH 25.4mu/l Range 0.34-5.60

Free T4 4.2 Range 7.9-20

Free T3 3.1 Range 3.80-6.00

Whats happening to me, I still feel Hyper, chest pains today and severe Head pain, not sure if its frequent migranes but it's in my head not at the front?

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angel, I wonder if you are misreading your symptoms. Being hyper usually means that your FT3 is over range. That would be over 6.00 at your lab but yours is 3.1 which isn't even IN range.

Even in your Jan. results you have very low FT4 but must be converting well since you managed to have a little higher FT3. I don't know if this video will help regarding Graves but it's only five minutes in length.


Can you have Graves and Hashimoto's ?


Sorry Helouise, I'm not sure if I mentioned I've had Hashimoto's for approx 4 years now. I'm 48 and feel I'm running on adrenaline only x


This doctor says Hashimoto's is purely an autoimmune disease triggered by environmental chemicals. I had always thought that leaky gut caused the immune system to become confused and attacked organs mistakenly believed to be foreign tissue. His theory is that merely taking thyroid hormone is no cure for this attack. That's why many of us still have symptoms after receiving hormone treatment. Unfortunately many doctors do not agree and unless you can find a functional medicine physician who knows how to treat autoimmune attacks, we will continue to suffer. Also unfortunately he feels the attacks will continue to other organs like stomach lining and pancreas. As we age, i think we are more susceptible to finding ourselves laden with certain toxins like pesticides and plastics which accumulate over the years and while the body can remove a certain amount, it may not keep up. This makes it very important to eat organic foods and avoid these chemicals if possible.

Maybe you can find the answer to your Graves question here:


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