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Sheenahs Test results

Hi All - I may have made a mistake about the folate. Anyway 'ere tis:- (6/2/2014 at about 4.30pm)

Serum TSH level (RH) 3.14 Range 0.34 - 5.60

Serum vitB12 203ng/L Range 120.00 - 625.00ng/L

Serum folate 12.3ug/l (no range)

< 3 suggests deficiency (?????)-

!Serum Ferritin -(RH) Abnormal - not clinically significant 550ug/L - Range 11.00

-307.00ug/L (??????????)

(there is a huge section on Liver and Urea, potassium creatinine)

Serum cholesterol (RH) Normal no action 7.4mmol/L

(Calcium/albumin seems OK)

Serum free T3 level 4.6 Range 3.80 - 6.00pmol/L

Serum free T4 level 10.0pmol/L (note change to provisional range as of 18/01/12

New provisional range 7.9 - 20.0

So there we have it. The ferritin is massive - I may turn into chain mail at any given minute, or alternatively my husband will be taking me down the scrap metal merchants. Could this be Haemochromatosis as I mentioned in my post the other week? I shall investigate the Net.

It actually makes easier reading if you put on a Dalek voice, especially the "not clinically significant" bit!

Love to Everone X

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High ferritin can indicate the presence of inflammation. Did you have antibodies tested? TSH is too high,especially as it was taken in the afternoon when it will be lower naturally. T4 and t3 should be much higher. No wonder you feel poorly xx


& cholesterol looks high, which is another hypo symptom


Felt bloody terrible today. Life has become a blurrrrr....Antibodies not tested, as I said to you BH test kit on the way. My house looks like a bomb has hit it - fortunately my husband is not bothered, more about me and this strange alien creature he is living with - gone from Culinary Mistress to Can't cook/won't cook. Gone from "What culinary delight can I interest you in this evening Darling" to "'Ere! Stick this Lidl's Pie in the oven will you love". I should never have given up smoking. Life has never been the same since. Same thing happened to my Father. XXXX


:-D :-D


4.30 pm?Definitely get an early morning blood test. Between 4 and 8 pm I think is supposed to be the lowest tsh results. Having it in the morning might tip you over the range or at least bring you closer to it.

Your b12 could do with supplementing too.

Don't know much about the high ferritin results but I have seen it mentioned as it possibly indicating inflammation.


well tsh is high and cholesterol certainly is high and t4 is low which would indicate hypothyroid

but yes the high ferritin needs deep furthur investigation i did know someone who had to give blood every so often to get it down and he too was hypothyroid


Thanks. Yep, it's all rather cause for concern. I can't get a diagnosis for hypo, let alone something as apparently rare as this!!!!!!!!!!Arghhhhhhhhh!! And yes, you are right - regular blood letting is the apparent answer. Whoopedooo! Many Thanks for your concern and comments. XXX


I can't quite believe your B12 range, 120! Your B12 level is far too low, consider B12d or pernicious anaemia, there are other tests you can have as long as you don't start supplementing first:


Out of interest, do you have MCV, MCH or RDW test results (from the full blood count? You really need a full iron panel to see if your high ferritin correlates with high iron or not.


Hello Hampster1

Yes I think I have some of that but it goes over the page so until you said that I had not linked the 2 together.

Here goes:-

Haematocrit 0.473 - Range 0.36 - 0.46

MCV 99.3fL Range82.00 - 104.00fL

MCH 32.3 Range 27.00 - 32.00pg

Whoa! I see it now. the haematocrit and the MCH are in bold with exclamation marks by the side of them. Put that with the massive ferritin count and alarms bells ring - but I still don't fully understand the implications. My Liver enzymes are up as well which could possibly give me the haemochromatosis angle. What do you think?? XX


MCV and MCH are specific for macrocytosis, enlarged red blood cells. From labtestsonline:

"Mean corpuscular volume (MCV) is a measurement of the average size of your RBCs. The MCV is elevated when your RBCs are larger than normal (macrocytic), for example in anaemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency or folic acid deficiency. When the MCV is decreased, your RBCs are smaller than normal (microcytic), which may indicate iron deficiency anaemia, inflammation or occasionally thalassaemias.

Mean corpuscular haemoglobin (MCH) is a calculation of the amount of oxygen-carrying haemoglobin inside your RBCs. Since macrocytic RBCs are larger than either normal or microcytic RBCs, they would also tend to have higher MCH values."

So forgetting the high ferritin for a minute, you need to focus on your B12 situation, which I think is an issue.

A high ferritin on it's own doesn't tell you anything about your actual iron levels, you would need further iron tests - serum iron, TIBC/transferrin, UIBC, % transferrin saturation.

It would be easier if you actually included all your results from the FBC, LFTs, and U&Es (I appreciate there's usually a lot), because there might be some clues elsewhere.

H x


Thanks so much for doing this for me! XX Well here goes - missing out the ones I have already mentioned.

! Full blood count - FBC - (RH) Abnormal - not clinically significant.

Total white cell count 7.14 10*9/L Range 4.20-10.80*9/L

(RBC) 4.76 10*12/L Range 3.90-5.6010*12/L

Haemoglobin estimation 154g/L Range 120.00 - 160.00g/L

MCHC 325g/L Range 320.00 - 360.00g/L

Platelet count 201 10*9/L Range150.00-400.0010*9/L

Red blood cell distribut width 12.3 Range11.50 - 16.00

Neutrophil count 3.85 10*9/L Range 2.00 - 7.5010*9/L

Lymphocyte count 2.41 10*9/L Range 1.50 - 3.5010*9/L

Monocyte count 0.39 10*9/L Range 0.20- 0.9010*9/L

Eosinophil count 0.25 10*9/L Range 0.02 - 0.50 10*9/L

Basophil count 0.8 10*9/L Range 0.02 -0.1010*9/L

Large unstained cells 0.16 10*9/L Range 0.00 - 0.1610*9/L

And that's it. I can't interpret it but I hope you can.xx


OK doesn't seem to be anything unusual there apart from what we've already discussed - signs of macrocytosis prob due to your low B12. You mentioned liver results (LFTs) and urea & electrolytes (U&Es), can you post those?


I just wrote it all out and then it vanished. I'll try again


Sorry I'll try again.LFT (RH) Abnormal see message (No message to be seen)

Serum bilirubin level 11umol/L Range 5.00 -17.00

Serum alkaline phosphatase - 108 - Range 25.00 - 110.00

! ALT/SGPT serum level - 90ul Range 00.00 - 40.00 !!!!

GFR calc abbrev MDRD >90ml/min Normal no action reqd

Urea and Electrolytes Normal no action reqd

Serum sodium 139mmol/L Range 136 - 145

Serum potassium 4.6 Range 3.50 -5.00

Serum urea level 3.6 Range 2.50 - 6.60

Serum creatinine 53 Range 30.00 - 120.00

Serum cholesterol 7.4 (No range)

Last time I had a blood test in March 2011 my cholesterol was HDL 2 and LDL3.9 so it has increased significantly in 3 years.

Over to you X


High cholesterol is a symptom of hypothyroidism, as others have said. I wonder if you can convince them to check thyroid peroxidase antibodies (TPOAbs)?

This is what labtestsonline say about ALT:

I'm not sure of it's clinical significance, your ALP is also at the top of the range. Did they test Gamma GT?

I'm sticking by my original comments, you need to focus on B12 re the very low level and macrocytosis. And your thyroid clearly isn't happy.

H x


Oh and iron tests to see if you really are overloaded.


Thanks very much Hampster xx. I sent off my home blood kit to Blue Horizons this morning - did the test at 5am, so we will see what difference it makes on the circadian rhythm front. I am then seeing my homeopath chap on Monday so will give a full report! Many many thanks for your help!! Sheenah


5am? Crikey, you're keen! ;-)


Read DETERMINED!! It was very easy. Not the 5am bit, but the actual doing of it. If the results are massively different, it might encourage others to do the same. Of course it would be difficult to replicate at a surgery - they tend not to open at 5am!! I went to work yesterday for a few hours just so my staff knew for certain I was still alive, but I was done in and I didn't really do anything. I am very hopeful for Monday. Our friends are coming with us to Winchester, as we have to stay overnight in a hotel to make more of a weekend of it - the apt is at 8.40 am ( nearly as bad as 5am as far as I am concerned!!)

Will keep you posted!! XX


Hahahaha! I only managed 6.30 for mine! But yes, if it tips you over the magic number it will be worth it x


Did it make a difference to yours? x


It was about a month after the previous one. The TSH was similar but the T3&4 were both lower. I have whopping antibodies so I think the TSH will be all over the place anyway.


And did you GP accept this? Surely this indicates Hashis?


The GP accepted the results enough to refer me to an endo as my TSH was within range. The endo has insisted on repeating the antibody test via the hospital lab, but he didn't totally dismiss it. He has however written to me telling me then result is negative. Lord knows what he has read by mistake but the result is 1823 so far from negative, so I will be 'politely' challenging him next week. ;-)


Oh My God!! I am just so not having this b**l*cks!! Reading what people have said and what they are going through because of neglect and egotistical Doctors - and IGNORANCE is driving me further up the wall - you just lose your fight when you are so low. My husband just read the "tiredness" post and is also having a fit! I just have to be patient (excuse the pun). This bloke of mine has a clinic in Oxford - I was thinking for you - to quote an old saying - "I'm Too Old For This Shit" (Lethal Weapon) ((Some time in the 80s)) XXX


Exactly! I am just getting mad now!! It makes me furious for all the people who don't have the money or knowledge and information to do this stuff. So much suffering that could be easily relieved, so sad


Yes! I am in position where I can make choices, but I am in the minority - it's all those people who are becoming hysterical because of fear and ignorance that I am worried about. It's like an epidemic. I was completely unaware of this until I joined this site. I have spent half of my life working for people with learning disabilities who have been badly neglected, but this has been a complete eye opener.... I shall sleep tonight knowing that I don't have to get up at 5am to stab myself.. but like you I am so concerned about all those other people.... Nighty NightXX


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