Thyroid levels??

I've been unwell since jean this year, sore throat cough, tiredness and very croaky voice. At first doc thought pneumonia, had antibiotics but they didn't work so then they say it's a virus! Had thyroid checked t4 is 11.3 and tsh is 3.26. So tired all the time but doc says this is ok? Anyone know anything about this stuff. Now saying i could be on my way to post vial fatigue! I'm cold all the time, hoarse voice and always tired, help please

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  • Sorry to hear you've been ill. Do you have the ranges for your tests? It would help (though judging by usual ranges it sounds like t4 is low).

  • Thanks for your reply. Doc said t4 range for normal is 12-22 and tsh is 0.4-4.

  • Well unless I'm wrong, your t4 is below range, which isn't normal. Are you on treatment?

    Might be worth having another chat with gp to suggest that t4 should be in range. You also eventually might want to get your t3 tested, privately if necessary.

  • TSH at 3.26 is way too high should be less than 1

    Free T4 of 11.3 is near bottom of the range when it should be more like 19

    You need much more thyroxine plus you need urgent checks of ferritin , folate and B12 as i bet they too are very low when they need to be above halfway in their ranges

  • I'm with reallyfedup23 here. You need a much higher dose plus vitamin/mineral check.

  • I would ask for TPO antibody check!

  • Doc says t4 is slightly low but because tsh is within range then there is no problem. They are saying I'm tired because of a virus.

  • Not on any treatment.

  • Hi Donz, your results are almost identical to mine and I am currently trying to get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. I have had CFS for 10 years but over the last 2 years many symptoms have worsened and more appeared. I believe this is because I have hypothyroidism but my GP says it cant be as it isnt treated until TSH is 10. Have a look on thyroid uk site there is a lot of very helpful information and advice. In my experience and certainly reading many stories on here it is certainly possible to have symptoms with readings like yours.

  • Your doctor went to med school a long time ago and is not up to date with current levels. Abnormal is 4+ and if your tsh has been rising you may well have hypothyroidism. Perhaps requesting a trial of levothyroxine is in order?

  • Where is 4+ abnormal? Are you in the UK?

  • Mine has been 9,now 10 for a while and still get no-where tsh 2.7. I have had cfs for 17 yrs

  • Thanks for all your comments. It's really difficult to tell your doctor how to do their job or ask for another test. I have so many of the symptoms it's unreal but they still say a

    It's a virus! Is that because they don't have to treat a virus so therefore it's cheaper for them?

  • I think it's just 'fobbing off doctor speak' for I can't be bothered!

  • Are these your first Thyroid tests?

    If there is an increase in TSH from last time and a decrease of Free (available to use) T4 you should be monitored anyway and ask for more tests including FT3 and TPO antibodies. (and vitamin/mineral check - irons ferritin folate & B12, VitD).

    As others have said your FT4 is below range with a high TSH (but in range). TSH is a signal to the Thyroid to make more hormones (T4/T3) and tends to be highest around 3am, so if hypothyroid, an early test will produce a higher result - best test the same time to compare anyway.

    If you have had antibiotics your capacity to absorb nutrients will be impared as the 'good bugs' are killed too. (they give you probiotics in Egypt and France that I know of).

    Have a look on the main TUK site for information too - best wishes Jane :D

  • Have you had antibodies tested? With some docs a positive antibody test might push it over the edge but if yours is resistant, you may just need to find a different doctor to treat you.

    It IS difficult to get into a wrangle with them about your treatment, but if you hit rock bottom and they're refusing help it has to be done.

    Good luck.

  • I had my iron levels checked and they were ok, not sure about antibodies. Every time my thyroid is checked they always say borderline??

  • Hi Donz, as posted yesterday my bloods are similar to yours. After much moaning tp my GP regarding worsening symptoms she agreed to run my result past endo. Well I've just seen her today and Endo advised with boarderline results like this it could be secondary or pituitary hypothyroidism. I will be seeing Endo on 1 May so should know more then. Maybe worth you discussing this with your GP. Good luck. Keep pestering.

  • Hiya, thanks for your response, hope all goes well for you on the 1st. What is Endo? I really don't know much about this stuff. I only know how I feel!

  • Hi Fixit,

    Thanks for your response, hope all goes well for you at your appointment. What is endo? I really do not know much about this at all. I only know how I feel!

  • Endo is short for Endocrinologist, a specialist consultant at the Hospital who deals with the Endocrine system in the body, ie. hormones. This covers Thyroid.

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