TSH 9.67,ferritin 472,b12 little high at 852. I'm on 300mcg thyroxine still feel really bad. Any doctors that can prescribe desiccated thyr

TSH 9.67,ferritin 472,b12 little high at 852. I'm on 300mcg thyroxine still feel really bad. Any doctors that can prescribe desiccated thyr

Don't know what to do, I still feel really horrible and far from I should before thyroid problems. My tsh was high whilst on 200mcg thyroxine, am currently on 300mcg and last tsh was 0.3 but still don't feel any better. Asked doctors to test my t3...

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Is your ferritin really that high or is that a typo - do you have a range for this test.

Are you saying that your TSH started at 9.67 and is now 0.3?

Moggie x

I've been on thyroxine for 6 years now, for the last 2 years it's been stable on 200mcg a day but a couple of months ago I've been feeling really bad. Had a blood test done testing iron, b12 and tsh in Jan with tsh at 9.67. My doctor increased thyroxine to 300mcg but my symptoms has not improved. Had another blood test done 3 weeks ago with my tsh at 0.3 and my doc now reckons that I'm now taking to much, which i agree with but am still feeling hypo. As for the ferritin, think the normal range is 25-270. Mine is 472.. Not sure what's going on. All I can think of is that the t4 is not converting into t3.

High ferritin points to inflammation and inflammation stops T4 converting into T3.

Thanks for the advice, I'll make sure to mention it to my endo

No probs. I hope you have good endo :-)

Are your palms slightly orange by any chance?

I've got tanned skin but it doesn't look orange I don't think, why?

A lot of the T4 is converted into T3 in the liver. If the liver is struggling for any reason it won't convert very well.

Liver problems can show up as orange palms.

Thanks for replying - I cant really add anymore to what has already been said, which is why I was questioning your ferritin levels, except to say I think your GP has been very lax.

Moggie x

sounds more like iron overload and heamacromatosis ( spelling ? )

If your ferritin is that high, it suggests something else is going on, like haemochromatosis. Which - no surprise - has rather similar symptoms to hypothyroidism. See this link here: haemochromatosis.org.uk/pag... Has your doctor expressed any concern about your ferritin being that high? Or have you been taking high doses of iron?

My doctor hasn't express any concern about my ferritin being high. Just mentioned the tsh. I've not taken any iron substance or have a high iron diet, Is it possible to have a high ferritin but low iron? Im seeing endo tomorrow, hopefully he has some answers/advise. Had a look at the link, symptoms are very similar, thanks for the advice

Not really - ferritin and iron are both, well, iron. But the measurement of ferritin shows how much iron your body has available for use. It's not uncommon for someone to have a haemoglobin level in normal range but for the ferritin to be really low. But your ferritin is unusually high. It's good that you're seeing the endo tomorrow - hopefully he'll be a good one. If he doesn't mention the ferritin level, make sure you point it out to him, just in case he hasn't noticed it (which can happen when an endo's concentrating on solely your thyroid issues). Hope your appointment goes well.

Inflammation can cause ferritin to rise even without having fundamentally high iron.

I'd have thought that you should some additional iron testing (precise tests do seem to vary a bit). Even a plain Full Blood Count might show something.


Have you had a test for TPO antibodies?

Have you had your t3 and t4 tested? You may need a test to see if you're converting. That's a lot of levo to take and still feel so ill.

You might feel better adding some t3 and it tends to be the more conventional course of action before trying ndt.

Just been subscribed armour thyroid thru NHS by my Endo. Hoping that it will make a change... Will let all know

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