HELP PLEASE. I need good reasons on why my Endo should not pull the plug on my T3 treatment.

I have my follow up appointment tomorrow with my Endocrinoligist who prescribed T3 on a 6 month trial basis. He said he would stop T3 treatment if my TSH became suppressed. My latest lab results received on Friday are :- TSH=0.13 (0.55-4.78). T4=18 (9-23) T3=5.6 (3.50-6.50) Previously in Aug 2013 TSH=0.21 T4=15 T3=4.9 Upon receiving latest results over the phone my doctor said my TSH was suppressed and I was over medicated but would leave the reduction of medication to the endo. I am on 10mcg=T3 and 125mcg=T4. Am I right to feel anxious that endo will pull the plug? I am feeling heaps better with the addition of T3 but feel I would feel better still with an increase of T3. I don't want to go back to T4 only and being Ill again! Would an increase of T3 and reduction of T4 work in increasing the TSH level? Also is the suppressed TSH really suppressed enough to be a cause for concern? T3 and T4 both seem in range to me! I am hypo and hashi's. Thanks in advance for help. Wendy

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...I remember reading that Dr Anthony Toft has written relevant bits in his book - Understanding Thyroid. Written on behalf of the BMA so should be accepted by your Endo. It's less than 5 pounds at the Chemists. Maybe too late to find one. Have a search around the forum from the search box as I know the relevant piece re T3 has been quoted. Could it be shaws ?

The book is on amazon for around £5

Thanks Marz. I already have the book so will look it up. Thanks for reply

My TSH is 0.01 and am fine. Your Endo may be o.k. if you tell him how well you feel. Email for a copy of Dr Toft's Pulse Online article and go to question 6, where Dr Toft says some need a suppressed TSH.

For your information, and some of the links within may not work as Dr Lowe died last year so the site is archived:-

Research has shown most preferred T3/T4 meds.

Thanks Shaw. I will check them out.

Hello there, have a look here...

And here...


Sorry, I meant to say that mine is suppressed and is reported on my test results as <0.04 and my NHS Endo and GP are happy... I'm on 60mcg T3 only... When I was on 150mcg T4 together with 20mcg T3, my TSH was also suppressed. I think it's fair to say that it's generally accepted that T3 will suppress your TSH. Good luck! K.

Thanks roloHibbs.

Does your endo not realise that your TSH will inevitably be suppressed if you are on T3? He really should know this.

That aside, it doesn't look to me as if you are over-medicated. FT4 and FT3 are both within range.

I'd stress how much better you feel and hope he lets this go.

T4/T3 look in range to me also and I definitely feel so much better with addition of T3. I'm just worried he will stop T3. I am getting my reasons together why I should be kept on it and also have an increase. Fore armed is forewarned as they say. Thanks for reply.

TSH is very easily suppress when taking T3, purely because the T3 directly does the job that it's intended to do, so the TSH isn't produced.

Good point Muffy. Thanks

Yet mine did the opposite when I stopped my T4 my tsh soared from supressed 0.07 to 29. I was taking up to 50 T3 only. Now I am back on T4 100mcgs and 25mcgs. No explanation for this.???????

UPDATE !!! today's endo appointment went really well. With all your helpful advice, links and comments. I managed to convince him to increase T3 and reduce T4 as I wanted.

Brilliant!!! Kx

Great news, well done!!!

Warmingham, P.: Effect of exogenous thyroid hormone intake on the

interpretation of serum TSH test results. Thyroid Science, 5(7)1-6, 2010.

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