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Shakiness – Adrenals? Wrong NDT Dosage?

Hi All,

I began taking Nature-Throid NDT in the new year (largely self-treating though I see Dr P when I can afford to) and while I feel it has been beneficial overall, my experience has been varied.

On the positive side, I feel more "awake" and less foggy, I'm better able to concentrate and my stamina is improved. My sleep patterns improved too (although I'm still not really getting enough hours at night), and my menstrual cycle, which had been erratic for some years, seems to be more regular now.

Quite early on, I felt more energised during the day, and was pleased (possibly prematurely) to note that I didn't seem to need a "lunchtime nap". In recent weeks, however, I've slipped back into that habit.

I've built up to 3 grains of NDT and tend to dose one grain at a time when I need it. Not in the sense of shovelling them down like Smarties, more that when I start to feel myself flagging during the day, I know it's time for my next dose. This usually means 1 grain when I wake up (any time between 6 and 8am), another around mid-morning/lunchtime and then another at around 2-3pm to help me through the afternoon "slump".

One thing that definitely needs improvement, however, is how I cope with stress. I had a bit of an emotional crisis a couple of weeks ago (thanks to everyone for the kind words they posted about that) and though the worst of that has passed, I still feel I'm not coping well with even minor problems. For instance, I just received an email from a disgruntled work client – an old issue that I thought had been resolved, and which was the fault and responsibility of another department, reared its head again. As I was trying to type out a reply, my hands were shaking like crazy and my stomach was in knots, but once I spoke to a colleague about it, I immediately calmed down.

So I'm wondering – have I raised the dose on my Nature-Throid too quickly? (I started out on one grain and raised by half a grain every couple of weeks until I reached 3.) Or could it be adrenal insufficiency? I've always been fairly nervous in this way, long before I started taking NDT. My adrenals were insufficient the last time I did the saliva test, a few years ago, so I've been on adrenal support as recommended by Dr Peatfield. I've stalled over taking a retest recently (mostly for financial reasons) but I'm wondering if I should make it a priority.

All comments and suggestions gratefully received. Thanks!

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Hi Taff.....copycat of me. I will reply to u later have school pick up



Thanks, Cat – much appreciated! xx


Hi Taff,

I am sorry I probably am not going to be much help apart from my experience sounds pretty similar to yours, although am on Armour and now up to 3 and quarter grains. Originally dx with Chronic Fatigue rubbish by GP. Found Dr P through thsi site. Hypo with Adrenal fatigue (hate that word). Started on Nutri Adrenal Extra last July and I have been up and down with dosage but generally got from a 3 out of 10 (as Dr P says) to a 5/6 out of 10.

I have so many symptoms and have had terrible low mood/ anger etc etc on some days. I am still intolerent to exercise. Can walk 5 mins to school and back but collapse on sofa on return.

Anyway what I wanted to say was called Dr P's office last Friday and by suprise got him on phone. He wants me to go down and see him. So I have booked for 3 weeks time. (I really want to see him again as he gives me hope and seems determned to sort me out). He said no way should i be feeling this bad and said I may be suffering with Reverse T3. He said prepare for the fact that I may go hyper again, as I did at Christmas. I have read lots that says if NDT doesn't get you better then maybe you have this problem. He also told me to keep up with the Adrenal tabs.

The other thing is on other respected thyroid sites they say that also raising dose too slowly can cause problems too. It's so bloody complicated. I will ask him about this.

I really empathise with you...........when i picked son up just now I couldn't even look teacher in the eye! My confidence is gone down the drain. I also was a jibbering wreck taking son out with friends the other week and was almost in tears because there was a hiccup, of which I would normally just laugh off or deal with. I feel my life is falling apart sometimes because of all this. I feel people glazing over when I try to tell them about it.

Yes me too on stalling with any tests for long time. I can think of better things to spend it on but health comes first eh? else everything else is crap!!

I know this isnt' much help but your certainly not on your own.... just thought sharing may make you not feel so alone.



Aww, Cat, that sounds horrendous, you poor thing. As I've posted on this site before, it can feel like we're trying to do a jigsaw puzzle and just when we think we've got the pieces sorted, maybe made progress on the outer frame, someone comes along and dumps another load of pieces on the table! I can sympathise with the pain and exhaustion – just heading to the supermarket can leave me knackered and aching. And while my friends try to be sympathetic, it's hard to convince people that I'm not firing on all cylinders when to their eyes there's nothing wrong with me. And I think the worst of it is, there's a logical part of you that knows your body is overreacting to stress, but it's nigh-on impossible to override that when it's actually happening.

Thanks so much for sharing – I really appreciate it. PM me any time you need to, and let me know how you get on with Dr P. xxx


Hi Lots of causes of shakiness. However, the most common is over range calcium. If taking vit D, check the calcium, an electrolyte, dangerous over range.


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Hi Jackie,

Thanks so much for your reply – my calcium seemed to be OK last time (both at the lower end of the reference range, it seems), but I've just realised the test was 6 months ago! Results below. I've been taking Vitamin D in quite a high dose, but with Vitamin K, which as I understand it should put it where it needs to be.

Serum Calcium

2.23 mmol/L (Reference range 2.15-2.60)

Corrected Serum Calcium Level

2.21mmol/L (RR 2.17-2.55)

Regarding the calcium shakiness, would that be persistent shakiness or does it come and go? I'm not shaky under normal conditions, only when I'm stressed.


I think it would be a good idea to do another adrenal stress test. If you have low morning cortisol you can use the CMT3 method to raise it. If you have any high readings you can address them as well. x Kat

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Thanks, Kat. x


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