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Hi everyone. I'm hoping that you could help me with what grain of nature throid is best for me to order. I thought I could get my usual ndt nature throid in 2.25 grain but they don't do that strength. Can anyone help me with what grain is best for me to order + what size to cut off it so I'm left with a 2.25 grain. I had to order a 3 grain ndt on my last order as that was the only strength they had at the time. Yesterday I cut it in half and half again on one side of the ndt (hope I'm making sense and you know what I mean) And is that now 2.25 grain & if so am i best ordering a 3 grain ndt again. Thanks again for all your help and support

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  • Alfinno,

    Cutting the 3 grain tablet as you describe and taking one half + one quarter is 2.25 grains. It's probably cheaper to buy 3 grain tablets and cut them down than to buy 2 grain and 1/4 grain tablets.

  • Hi clutter thanks for your help with everything and I can order them straight away now

  • Hi clutter. I haven't received any directions about bank transfer instructions yet off them but as soon as I do the transfer I will email you back straight away

  • Alfinno,

    Ok :)

  • I've halved a 5 grain tablet to take 2 1/2. They're quite big, & easy to break up.

  • Hi leverette thanks for your help and I've ordered a ,3grain to cut so hopefully I'll be able to break that up. Thanks again

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