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Could it be hypothyroidism? What to do next?

Hi, I have a lot of the symptoms of hypothyroidism. I have suffered on and off from depression for ten years but in this time have also been to see many people about my back and shoulder pain thinking it was unrelated. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Symptoms include foggy brain, lack of concentration, inability to wake up, feeling cold- particularly cold hands, IBS, sometimes terrible aching all over, ache in throat.

Recently I was encouraged to look into the possibility of a thyroid problem. I was told by the doctor that my symptoms were all a result of my depression but he would do a blood test anyway.

TSH was 4.2 (range- 0.08-4.2) I then moved area and a very lovely doc agreed I may have subclinical hypothyroidism and agreed to do further tests. This time my TSH came back at 1.75 and so the T3 and T4 were not tested as it was considered normal. I insisted that I was ill. I suggested Hashimotos and said that based on my symptoms (which fluctuate up and down) I think my TSH probably fluctuates wildly as well. I had another blood test and the doc specifically requested T3 and T4 tests. I have been away and was unable to pick up the results yet but I do know the TSH was 2 this time. Do any of you have any thoughts or advice?

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Hi clarinettist. If you feel that your condition is fluctuating your doctor should have tested your thyroid antibodies. Go back and ask him to test them. (here's the ThyroidUK page on antibodies

Also ask for your Vit B12, Vit D, iron, folate, ferritin and kidney function to be tested as these are often low in thyroid patients and all need to be optimised.

Make sure you get into the habit of always asking for print-outs of your results with ranges as you are looking for most tests to be mid-range or above, not just within the bottom of the range.

Ask your doctor if s/he would be willing to let you try a low dose of thyroxine to see if that helps you.

You might also want to buy and read one or both of these books. "Stop the thyroid madness" by Janee Bowthorpe and "Your thyroid and how to keep it healthy" by Dr Peatfield.


Hi clarinettists, welcome to the site! Yes my first thought was to ask for a trial of thyroxine If your minerals etc are low it may not make a great deal of difference so don't give up until you feel well. Most start on 50mcg unless elderly or a heart complaint and you need to be retested after 6 weeks.


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