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Tests for ACTH deficiency

Other than the short SynACTHen, can anyone recommend any tests for secondary adrenal insufficiency? As a much removed pituitary patient and persistence of symptoms despite T3 (which has definitely helped but not cured) I'm beginning to think of it as a possible culprit. As all find, it takes a good 3 weeks to see your GP then another week for a blood test and another week or so to get results,and if it's budget able I'd like the infamous numbers sooner rather than later. I am tempted to up the T3 from its current 25(10+10+5)but that does seem a reasonable dose...any more could so easily send me hyper especially with the adrenals possibility. Has anyone any thoughts?

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Why don't you try your 25mcg all at once as Dr Lowe recommends. I take 30mcg in the morning and I am fine, no overstimulation etc. He only took thyroid gland blood tests initially and then it is down to how the patients' tissues and metabolism react.


Thanks for the link. I tried the once a day dose, for about three weeks and found I hit slow mid-afternoon. The hypo symptoms of cold and tiredness knocked me over,though in some ways I found the deep unhappy,burst-into-tears for no reason feeling was the worst. I'm trying Paul Robinson's way and do find I stay more level with a split dose.

As an aside,but on adrenal topic I've been doing my temperature profile, and they do seem consistent with adrenal problems. At no point has my temp been over 97.8 old money,and it does follow the pm downward path. Plod on Moriarty!


Hi The only Adrenal test my Endo says is any good and I agree, is a 24 hour urine collection, low cortisone tablet prescribed for midnight and a blood test at 9am. If not able to get it NHS, it is available, then ask the GP to do a lab test referral at a private hospital. However, if you do this make sure of the price, first, all vary.

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Dr Chandy's protocol for hypoadrenalism/Adrenal Insufficiency may be useful, this is the link;



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