ACTH test in the morning

Feeling on edge due to test in the morning.

Have read about side affects and what to expect but still get worked up.

The hospital im going to injects into muscle in bottom and i think its this that worries me the most.

Your expereinces would be appreciated.

I need to start approaching tests and things with a different mind set..everything is always a major thing to me.


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  • Its no big deal, really. I had a baseline blood test then the injection, went to sit in the waiting room for 30 mins then another blood test, back to the waiting room for 30mins then one final blood test then go home. No side effects whatsoever.

  • Thanks..thats so good to hear...i work myself up into a frenzy and loose all perspective. Did they inject you into muscle..

  • Yep in the bum, it's not a huge amount so takes seconds.

  • Thank you....will try to relax now..willpost and tell you how i got along.

  • Good luck

  • Thanks again.....

  • good luck! J :D

  • Nothing to them please don't worry x

  • I had this done, no big deal no pain at all.

  • Glad it went well, good luck on results

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