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ACTH test done but I want these other tests done

I had my ACTH Stim Test done this morning - although I only saw the nurse this is what I've found out:

- The Endo/doctor will tell me the result when it comes back.

- The nurse who carried out the test explained that the doctors aren't sure why I'm poorly and want to check my adrenal function - but that's made me assume that the urine test I did for them was normal and they went ahead with it anyway - which contradicted what the Endo had said at the appointment.

- I have absolutely no idea when to expect the results to come back but if the Endo wanted this arranged urgently it would be within the next few days, surely.

Other thing I was wondering is, after doing some research into possible Hashimoto's triggers I'm looking to have more tests done for the following to be checked:

* Sex hormones (as I have excess hair on the front of my body, bikini line, arms, chin, nipples, chest and upper lip)

* Zinc (never been tested)

* Vitamin K (never been tested)

* Calcium (never been tested)

* D-Xylose (never been tested but for malabsorption issues)

Other tests I'm looking into are:

* Barium enema

* CT of abdomen

* Enteroscopy

* MRCP (Magnetic Resonance Cholangiopancreatography)

Would the GP order the majority of these or the Endo? Or should I wait a little bit until I know of my ACTH test?


Jo xxx

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Why do you assume the urine test was normal and contradicts the endo? The investigations are to determine what is making you poorly. Eliminating causes is a part of the process (not that anything has been ruled out yet).

Some tests take several days or weeks, so don't get stressed if you don't hear results in the next few days.

If the endo thought there was a gastro problem she could certainly refer you, or recommend that your GP refers you, to a gastroenterologist. It would then be up to the gastro to decide which tests to run.


Hi Clutter,

When I had the appointment with the Endo she said she would cancel the ACTH test if the urine sample I gave her was normal.

The nurse then said to me today that the doctor (she didn't say who but I can only assume she meant the Endo) doesn't know what's making me poorly. So it made me think that nothing came back for the urine test and if not why has she gone ahead with something she said she wouldn't do if the urine test was fine?

That was my take on it anyway.


Jo xxx


So the fact ACTH went ahead suggests the urine test wasn't normal or doesn't account for your symptoms, no?


Yes, I guess so.


Hi wait to see what you ACTH test results are, their is more money in the pot at the consultants end, you would have more luck with getting more test done with the endo than GP


Hi Caradognorth

Really? You see, I'm anxious to hear about these results and because of the urgency the endo expressed about them I'm expecting to hear about them within the next day or two. I just don't want to have to call them and be told things are all normal when the endo was something like 90% sure I have Addison's.


Jo xxx


Hi, I hope you don't have AD and really don't think the endo should have said until he was 100%

It would be great if they find out what the problem is.

The way the NHS works now is the GP surgery have a small budget and the hospitals have a bigger one as it should be, because GPs are under so much strain now it is hard to find the money for expensive tests, that's why you will have no prob getting test done under a consultant. Good luck hope it's not AD :(


Hi, I can understand completely your desire to be well again, and that you feel more tests are needed because your doctor doesn't seem to have a clue what's behind your ill health.

However, it's very important to have the correct tests done.

There are 2 tests that my daughter had done privately on the advice of a private doctor. Both indicate whether there is a serious illness present and I wonder if the same tests might provide you with ammunition when you next see your doctor, and make him do more investigative tests for you.

One is called a the methylation test. It measures the amount of homocysteine and more importantly the level of glutathione in your body, and the other is a nagalase tests which is an indicator of perhaps a chronic virus or other toxic agent affecting your system.

If you PM me I will send you the name of the lab in Europe that can do the tests. Jane x


Hi Janet

Would you please PM me the details of the lab in Europe that do the tests you mentioned, as these may be helpful in diagnosing my daughter.

Many thanks browny


Hi Jane, thanks for your reply.

I am interested in these tests, definitely.


Jo xxx


Hi Janeb, sorry for jumping on the thread but would you PM me too please


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