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Test results

Can anyone decipher these test results please I should have added that I have Multiple Sclerosis and would this effect my results.

Name of test (assay)Result Glucose / Glucose6 mmol / l Units bench mark 3.3-6.0

Name of test (assay)Result TAT / anti-Tg /19 IU / ml Units Benchmarks<40

Name of test (assay)Result TSH-receptor antibody 1.41 IU / ml Unit benchmark 0.2 to 5.50

Name of the test (assay)Result fT4 1.42 ng / dl Unit Benchmarks 0.89 to 1.76

Name of the test (assay)Result MAT / anti-Tpo / 37.8 IU / ml Units Benchmarks <35

Name of the test (assay)Result fT3 3.8 pg / ml Units Benchmarks 2.3 to 4.2

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Are you on thyroid medication and do you have symptoms? It's hard to comment without knowing the answers.


NO I'M not on nay medication I have just started the process of diagnostics this was my very 1st blood test


Yes I have many symptoms but it's hard to tell if they are MS related or thyroid


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