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Well here goes, as you know I have been on here a number of times in the last couple of weeks with one thing or another and I might have even mentioned this before, but just lately I have really felt really tired, I am going for a blood test tomorrow for everything including T4 T3 (hopefully), TSH, B12, Folate, Ferritin and ESR as I have a lot of pain in my feet which is just getting worse every day. Sometimes I don't know how I take my next step, I know I have got arthritis in my feet and this is one of the problems but surely it shouldn't hurt like it does, I have arthritis in my hands and right knee and spine and they don't hurt as much as my feet. The pain is so bad that it is making my legs start to ache. Could this also be attributed to my Thyroid problem as most things seem to be.

I wonder if any of you lovely people could help me out.

Tina x

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My aches/pains in joint and muscles began when I took levothyroxine. It is also a clinical symptoms of hypo. Maybe you're not on enough meds yet or need the addition of some T3. To walk was very painful, couldn't step onto pavement, raise arms etc etc.

Remember not to take any thyroid meds before your blood test and take it afterwards.

I hope your appointment goes well.

Why shouldn't I take my meds before my blood test what happens if you do

Tina x

If you take meds before the test the result will reflect the medication you have recently taken as opposed to the medication metabolically available to you and TSH will be lower and FT4 higher, possibly causing your GP to reduce your meds.

tina, I wonder if you have neuropathy? Your foot muscles actually go up to mid calf so it's related. Do your toes feel cold or even burning? I used to have a pain on top of my foot near where the toes begin. This can all be thyroid related. There is medication that help numb those nerves and alleviate pain.

....maybe improving the peripheral circulation could help - fingers, feet and toes etc. are at the edges of our bodies - if blood pressure is low then it sometimes does not do the job of transporting oxygen efficiently and returning with carbon dioxide and dross to be processed out of the body. I know it sounds too simple but try rotating ankles one way for 5 and then the other way - without moving the lower leg - then flap the feet up and down purposefully for 10 - ouch ! You can do the same with the wrists - again keeping the lower arm still. Lots of things we do in yoga make a difference. You can even do these movements in bed :-)

Simple but worth a try ! I find my aches and pains and ouch bits are better after doing a gentle yoga workout.....

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