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Elevated antibodies does this mean I have an auto immune disease?

I have had UT for 10 years diagnosed post partum. Currently taking levothyroxine 100mcg which has increased from 25mcg over the years. My last blood test was via the GP annual review which came back "normal". They only tested TSH and FT4. I asked for a referral as I still have symptoms I believe attributed to UT. I cannot (despite trying everything) lose any weight I am terribly constipated and have dizziness and a constant "thick head". The doctor said basically move more eat less ( i couldn't actually eat much less) and he wasn't prepared to do anything as TSH was fine.

Having suffered for 10 years with this attitude I took it on myself to got and see a nutritionist who recommended I got more detailed tests so i went to a lab and paid for some. They have come back as follows:

Anti-thyroglobulin abs <40 (0-40)

Anti thyroperoxidase as 351 (0-35)

FT4 15 (9-22)

FT3 3.51 (2.63-5.70)

TSH 0.73 (0.35 -4.94)

Iodine 63 (100-199)

Creatinine 3.7

Iodine/ Creatinine ratio 0.13 mmol of iodine per mole of creatinine (ref interval 0.12 -0.42)

Does this mean I now have an auto immune disease despite taking thyroxine? Is diet the only way to stop having this? Should I be asking for vitamin/ mineral testing also?

Thanks for any help and advice I have read lots on here and its all so useful.

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Re your weight gain - this is an explanation:-


Yes, you have Hashimoto's. You cannot stop an auto immune disease, there is no treatment to "cure" it. Levo just gives you what your thyroid can no longer make. You should cut out gluten immediately as it stimulates the auto immune response in Hashi's. It will reduce the anti bodies but there is no "cure" as such.

You may be better off on ndt as many feel better on it.


Thanks for that information it all makes sense. Should I be asking for further blood tests for deficiencies such as ferratin and folate, B12 etc? What is the likelihood of the GP allowing me to change to NDT? It seems they are reluctant to offer anything other than Levo thyroxine.


You will not get ndt on NHS. I self medicate after the nhs ruined my health with levo. b12, iron and d3 are all v important. Start immediately on high dose selenium also. It reduces antibodies.

NHS will tell you your b12 and iron results are normal when they may well not be. I was told for years my iron was normal - it was not normal for good thyroid health. They also missed the fact i had p anaemia - telling me my b12 was normal, so watch out when the nhs is about


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