re dr appt

re dr appt

I went to my drs appt armed with printed out symptoms of lupus and thyroid and pics of my face,stomach and dogs (PICS OF DOGS AND HOW WORRIED THEY LOOK)but I didn't show on ok with him today but wouldnt have done if i brought up anythign else..appt was cos I was concerned they would not do op if I had nasal/throat problems etc .dr said everything was fine and they wouldn't not do the op unless I had a temperature.he asked when it was and I said Wednesday (15th).he asked if it was a day op -said yes-keyhole surgery unless there are any complications then it will mean a stay in fro few days.(hinting at stomach and that it is either a cyst or tumour-dont want it to be but need to prove to him cant just dismiss everything I have told him).then when i see him in sept I can say "I told you so"

after will definitely demand some answers re lupus,throat and thyroids and stomach.wnat something done to reduce swelling and bruising around nose/eyes. and to go over my unanswered questions

sorry couldn't rotate pic.2 others added separately.

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  • Dear Anbuma,Hope everything goes well for you.x

  • thank you.each time I go to the doctors I come home feeling a bit depressed and weepy.why don't DR's listen anymore and why don't they take people seriously.if it wasnt for my dogs I don't know where i would be now.probably not on this planet.

  • Yes, your dogs are a comfort to you and sometimes dumb animals are more sensitive than the medical profession appears to be at times.

    I am sure everything will go well and you will feel much better.

  • I wouldn't say my dogs are dumb animals-no offence -.they show much more care love and loyalty than some of my human friends.

  • Your dogs are lovely. I have said goodbye to four loyal dog friends who enriched my life beyond measure. Dogs are wonderful. What would we do without them? I send my best wishes for your successful treatment.

  • thank you.i was so heartbroken when I lost my first dog to cancer at xmas 2006.was the hardest decision ever to have him put to sleep.only thing kept me going was my other dog who is now about the same age..

  • Yes, I know, it is very, very hard to say a last goodbye to a beloved friend. I try, still, to think of the decision as the last kindness I could do for my beautiful, beloved loyal friends. And my last dog left this life just before Christmas 2006, so you and I were going through the agony of parting and loss at the same time.

  • ...sorry did not see the first post before I replied. Do hope you soon feel better.....and that your dogs will cheer up too ! Yes doctors need to listen....

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