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Seeing Doc tomorrow and shes gonna freak. FT3 is 9.8. What do I say? Help!

I went to see the doc a couple of weeks ago about a strange sweet taste in my mouth she tested my urine then and there and took a blood test, both for diabetes. Problem is she took my TFTs at the same time. reason? the sweet taste may be to do with my thyroid(?!) anyway the results came through and Im seeing the other doc tomorrow (thankfully).

Problem is my bloods were taken at 3ish in the afternoon and by this point i had taken my armour dose for the day at 12.30 (morning dose 07.30 and then before lunch 12.30) my results were:

TSH- <0.05 (0.15-3.2)

FT4- 21 (9.9-20.1) The first time ever that my T4 has been at the higher end!

FT3- 9.8 (2.7-70)

I have managed to tell my doc that the TSH doesnt count when taking armour and that FT3 is important. But now she's gonna think im hyper and i'm not (no dramatic weight loss, no shakiness, no anxiety so on)

I think its timing of the blood test as my last result on half a grain less in november was 6.1 (FT3) (done fasting in morning)

Ive read in STTM that T3 peaks 2 hours after taking it and think its that. what do i say to doc?

Thanks! :)

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You can tell her, as soon as you go into the surgery, to ignore the blood test results as you took your medication a few hours before your blood test, so therefore the blood test results are skewed. Can she please take another. For the next one try to leave about 24 hours between taking NDT and your blood test. I note you split your dose so it's not going to be easy. Maybe take a double dose early morning and a double dose next day after blood test.

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Well, I would hope she would be reasonable and you can try to explain about the timing of your hormone. The least she should do before attempting to reduce your dose is retest later. This time allow 24 hours before drawing bloods.

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I agree totally with the replies you've had. It was only through this forum and the famous STTM book that I found out about the influence of timing,and I'm going to have to plan for my next tests as you will,because I split my T3 into 2 doses.

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Thank you everybody. fingers crossed. I always miss a dose before a test but the last test was sprung on me couldnt do anything about it. I found a research paper about T3 peaking so hopefully she'll listen. She was pretty good last time, but I always worry after some of the tripe ive been fed by other docs :(


Hi There are so many ignorant docs, this is a permanent battle. Especially when thyroid bloods done illegally, ie without patient`s permission or agreement. vets know this and very good Endos. My FT3 is always double without 12 hours of taking thyroid meds. T4 raised but not so bad.Say that you need another "correct" test. do not take beta Blockers until after a test either, false result!



Back from the docs and she has lowered my dose because my tsh is suppressed. Tried to speak more about it but she just said im going by the TSH thats what we do. im so angry. if thats true why do FT3 test anyway. F**king idiot!!!! sorry im really angry


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