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PLENADREN and insulin suppression test


Is there anyone on Plenadren? I am having the most debilitating problems with my adrenals which blood tests and synacthen test seem to confirm but endocrinologist seems scared of treating me. Also said insulin suppression test is the GOLD STANDAND but that it is also dangerous. Anyone had a good result from this test. Thanks so much.

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Sorry you had no replies, it may be that your question was missed, or simply that no one has experience of this.

Hopefully someone will pick this up from Latest Activity...




Hi I find this confusing. My Endo says, and has proved, that the best test for Adrenals, in fact the only test she likes. is a 24 hour urine test, collection , with a low dose cortisone tablet at midnight, script, and a blood test at 9am. This has no effect on diabetes, She is a general Endo and I see her for both+ lots of other things.

Best wishes,



Hi jackie, that's interesting. Are you on anything for you adrenals like hydrocortisone? I am doing a synacthen test tomorrow for adrenals but am very skeptical!Think i would prefer to be doing a test similar to yours.

best wishes annabel


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