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Help with symptoms & test results please

Trying to help a friend who lives in Australia

Female aged 45

15 years ago found 3 thyroid nodules (multi-nodule goiter), has them biopsied every 18 months & always show blood & fluid filled cysts.

Constant cough for over 25 years & needs to clear her throat or cough especially after dairy, throat feels tickly.

Regular UTI's & haematuria (blood in urine). Urine test always shows e-coli

Chronic mouth ulcers since childhood, recently numerous & frequent & instead if just being on inside of mouth, can be roof of mouth, on or under the tongue, the upper throat etc.

Low blood sugar levels (hypos) from unknown cause for the past 5 yrs.

Eats extremely healthy & frequently & can have a hypo within an hour of eating.

Extremely irritable prickly skin for 25 years plus, the skin is difficult to explain but it picked up a few years ago in intensity. It gets so itchy & welts easily if she rubs (with fingertips not nails). She has some particular 'hot spots' such as upper R arm, back of neck but can be anywhere.

Endometriosis & had her left ovary removed about 10yrs ago.

No periods for 8 years (has an IUD).

Cold hands & feet in winter but not summer (she lives in Oz), raynauds like effect to her fingers in winter as they become white, cold & sore & her hands tingle.

Eye infections in right eye & eyes are gritty.

Blood Results taken 2 weeks ago:

Vitamin B12 ------------ 273 -------------------------- Normal (180-740)

TSH ------------------- 1.6 ------------------- Normal (0.5-4.5)mIU/L

FT4 ------------------- 14 ------------------------- Normal (10-20)pmo/L

FT3 -------------------- 50 ------------------------ Normal (3.5-6.0)9mo/L

OEST2 -------------1901 ------------------------ Normal (210-780)pmo/L (Oestrogen)

ESR ------------ 2 ---------------------------- Normal (<30)mm/hr

Anti-Thyroidal Peroxidase Abs <61 U/ml

Urine Test

eGFR ------------ 80 ---------------------------- Normal (ml/min/1.73n*2)

eGFR values between 60 & 89 should be interpreted with caution. These results are only consistent with CKD in the presence of other evidence. These results are only consistent with CKD in the presence of other evidence such as microalbunuria, proteinuria or HAEMATURIA.


Thank you for any help you may offer

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I can only comment on TSH and I think that's a bit high as most of us feel better if it's towards the bottom of the range (or lower)


I'm sorry your friend is so unwell. It's interesting that the most common symptoms of Hypothyroidism (tiredness, hair thinning, heavy periods....) are absent from the list above. I would say there is something else going on here. Has your friend been checked for an underlying health problem e.g. a tropical parasitic disease, tuberculosis and so on? Is she particularly over or under weight? It sounds as though she needs to see someone who can look at her symptoms as a whole rather than try to look at one of them in isolation. Is there a family history of any kind of obscure health problem?


The only family thing is her son has Asperger Syndrome & takes antidepressants. She struggles to lose weight, she is overweight but not obese. When I looked at everything it pointed towards Chronic Kidney Disease then I found an article that said if you have a Kidney problem your thyroid blood tests will always be normal even if you have hypo or hyperthyroidism; well that is how I read it. Here is the link.


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