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Vitamin, iron and mineral supplements

I have gained alot of useful information on here in regards to trying to get a diagnosis of hypothyroidism. However, I am wondering if a good multivitamin and mineral supplement would be suffice in avoiding any defficiency. I am going to push my GP for a trial of thyroxine, but I can't see her agreeing to vit and other blood tests.

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It is recommended to test for irons ferritin folate B12 and Vit D (for starters) - the GP should do these as Thyroid sufferers are especially prone to low levels of these - have you asked? Deficiency symptoms are similar to many Hypothyroid symptoms. If you start taking multivitamins without testing first the results may be due to the recent intake, or you should make sure you're not too high in some already e.g. iron.

My GP wouldn't test Vitamin D or Vitamin B12 - so I paid for these £25 and £57 respectively, yet I made the mistake of having a few B12 supplements before my test - and of course it turned out to be 'normal' although I do have many symptoms. It took me a while to realise how important they are. Previous post & links.... Good luck J :D


Thank you Yana that is a great page containing all the information that I was asking for. Thanks also Spareribs. I will ask the GP when I see her. If she says she cant do them I will seek to have them done privately. Also I will hold off on taking any supplements until I have had them tested.


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