Apparently "I'm one of those"....

I don't believe in the "this is what you should eat" fairy .... Swedish meat balls!

Apparently "I'm one of those"....
I don't believe in the "this is what you should eat" fairy ....  Swedish meat balls!

You know... one of those weird mutant-types that looks at labels, avoids bread, pop, fluoride toothpaste, embraces sunshine to the point of daring to go outside without wearing sunscreen (shock horror!) thinks there's nothing wrong with butter, and likes liver & onions!

Hubby always had bellyache, so we cut down on carbs years ago - another 'weird' choice - apparently 'fat doesn't make fat' (sugar does). You don't HAVE to have 5 a day, and you can still go to work on an egg if you want to!

Sweden Becomes First Western Nation to Reject Low-fat Diet Dogma in Favour of Low-carb High-fat Nutrition

High dairy fat intake related to less central obesity: A male cohort study with 12 years’ follow-up

I also happen to think that, even before the internet, you could always find someone elses' words to back up your views - see the McGovern Report video above & choice of agreeable scientist - also I found that pubmed article very easily - and even easier to find ones saying the opposite!

More interesting nutrition stuff - coffee or smoothies? (Dr Michael Moseley)

Food for thought, we have a choice....

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  • Hooray for coffee and butter - sounds like my shopping basket. Flora and the like have been banned from my house for years. My daughter uses coconut oil on her skin if she is exposed to the sun which she laps up in oodles in Italy. There are studies that suggest it's just as good as sun creams and with NO nasty chemicals which affect Vitamin D absorption.

    Multi nationals and advertising have done a lot of damage to the popular perceptions of what is right and wrong.

    Thanks for posting the above information. Jane x

  • Hubby just got back from Italy ski-ing - colleagues made fun he didn't 'believe' in sun-cream! You just can't beat coconut oil then aloe vera after-sun.

    Yes Marg is cloggy plastic & just 1% away chemically from the tub! Funny (but scary) how the food/cosmetic industries get away with throwing these chemicals at 'consumers' when they're not legally allowed to spray it on fields or even dump it out to sea! Ah well - we can but try to give a balanced view... I just hope folk will dare to question & make their own choices..... J x

  • I think alot of our eating habbits came from childhood. When i was growing up we had a cooked breakfast, bacon, sauasge, eggs. An evening meal wasnt a meal unless in was meat, veg and potatoes. We always had butter and full fat milk as we do now in my home. Althlough iv never eaten butter just becasue i dont like the taste of it.

    Im from a large family of 10 and im the only one with thyroid disease and stangely enough the only one who cant gain weight when i have wanted to.

  • Hi Yorkie! Yes mum knew best, and we tended to have supper after school, they'd already had it hot for dinner (now called lunch) enough kept to serve cold for supper, mostly cold meats, cheese & pickles....

    btw I was the youngest of 5 (the 'ratling' & prone to disease!) were you? J x

  • I was in the middle, dont know what that means....i got ill in ealry twenties with crohns,,infertility problems after that, had three normal pregnancies with my last child born when i was 39. Then my ill health started with CFS, thyroid ect.

  • I don't know either, just I was number 5, and I also had 4 kids then was knackered, having kids in general surely takes it's toll (just my humble opinion) yet we do and don't regret it (or maybe I just can't remember!)

    I too was told CFS (after my Partial T op) and GP said "it wasn't a bad diagnosis to have" - still trying to figure that one out....keep pushing and asking questions - we'll get there x

  • Dr Skinner did say that some hypothyroid people do not gain weight.

  • Totally agree that some fat is necessary in diet. I think some studies have found lack of fat can lead to depression. Low fat products seem to be loaded with sugar and salt to compensate.

    I laugh at food stories, 'scare stories' and 'super food stories' alike. They're often poorly researched, if not totally inaccurate. I concluded years ago that I would starve if I tried to follow these 'guidelines'.

  • Exactly - I feel so sorry for youngsters 'tho- they just don't know what to eat - so they don't eat much out of fear! I see them at work, they just daren't eat - it's like it's a sin - so sad and I worry yet can do nothing... J x

  • My mother and father were great cooks and sister is like a cross between a Jewish momma and Irish mother when it comes to food, it's there to be enjoyed. Never had any problems with my niece eating apart from the occasional I don't like grilled tomatoes/peas temporary fads and the usual kiddie food conservatism of not liking something never before tried. Sis favours med style diet so veg & salads have always been high on the menu.

  • I'm "one of those" also. Butter cream and cheese are high on my shopping list. LCHF diet via the diet doctor. My cholesterol is low. There is nothing wrong with being in control of your own body.xx

  • I do all these weird things. Don't use sun screen (unless being on sun hols and then only on nose and shoulders - using a natural, organic cream) eat fat, full fat, real food, no sweeteners, no fluoride. I'm considered a health freak. I call it common sense :-)

  • I have a weird idea of what is good for me too, which includes bottled water (the local water is really iffy), non-flouride toothpaste. I also ate butter until my thyroid condition changed my ability to digest milk products, wheat, gluten, yeast, etc.

    Have you had a look at Dr Malcolm Kendrick's web site, and read about cholesterol and statins? What a breath of fresh air. Wish he was my GP. He has as much respect for the GMC and RPC as Dr S had! You should also check out Professor Tim Noakes and his diet - he is so full of health and vitality, so full of laughter. What an inspiration!

  • It's very odd. All these things that are now being "discovered" were "common knowledge" in the 60s and 70s. If you want to slim, don't eat carbs. Butter is healthy and marg is not. Then came the 80s and all the high carb nonsense and all of a sudden the entire population was fatter. I look back at old photos of my best friend at school who was considered chubby and she'd be thought of as slim now.

    Plus ca change,

  • Totally agree nice home made chicken pies for us tonight which includes all butter pastry and cream not a believer of fat free eating whatsoever.

    Everything in moderation as far as im concerned.

  • Thank you for you replies - it does make me wonder 'tho - are we the slightly older generation who can remember life before you were told what to eat?

    another interesting link, an Aussie documentary 'Heart of the matter' Part 1 - about that 'really nasty stuff' animal fat & cholesterol.....

  • I'm a bit late popping in to this thread, but did you see the recent Horizon prog 'Sugar versus Fat', about the twin docs? One tried a low fat and the other a low carb diet. Still available on Watch Again at time of writing this.

    Turns out it's more about the balance of fat to carb. If I interpreted it correctly (was feeling a bit brain fogged at the time) approx 50/50 fat/carb ratio is the most lethal. This is what we get when we consume those 'craving' foods such as ice cream and certain species of doughnuts! :)

  • I`d love to try a low carb diet to see if it reduced my cholesterol, but on benefits, I have to eat what I can afford.

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