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What next??

Total T4 86.4 (58-154 nmol/L)

TSH 3.07 (0.4-4 mIU/L) This one was taken much later in the day than the 3.3 I got at the docs.

Free T4 14.4 (10-22 pmol/L)

Free T3 3.9 (2.8-6.5 pmol/L)

FT4/FT3 ratio 3.7 (2-4.5 ratio)

Reverse T3 0.38 (0.14-0.54 pmol/L)

Thyroglobulin TG antibodies 1007 (0-40 IU/mL)

Peroxidase TPO antibodies 10 (0-35 IU/mL)

Apparently I am perfectly normal according to an endocrinologist!

Bloods are in normal ranges & retest in 6 weeks.

I'm not sure I am going to last another 6 weeks!

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High antibodies should be a red flag. TSH at the higher end of normal along with FT3/FT4/TT4 at the lower end of normal. - I bet you have plenty of symptoms with these figures, despite being 'normal'.

I'm not sure what to say really. Obviously your Endo has a plan to retest..... and probably keep ignoring the obvious until eventually the dots on paper fall outside of 'normal', but who knows when/if that will happen. The antibodies really should be a red flag that something isn't right.

Try and get the next test done early in the morning, although with high antibodies it is known the TSH can swing all over the place in some people.


I have every symptom in the book, I am off work & will be remaining so for the foreseeable future by the looks of it! I have never felt so weak & ill in my life.


Seriously? 6 more weeks and then what? These stupid doctors that have no clue what it feels like to live like this. This will sound really mean but although I wouldn't wish this illness on anyone I do actually wish that all the pants gps and endos that just brush us off were made to live in our shoes for 6 weeks and see how they like it!!! Grrrr!!! Sorry rant over. With the level of antibodies you have and a tsh that is edging up I really don't understand why you are made to wait. For how long have you been feeling this ill Harry?

Damn I'm so dissappointed for you, I was sure you were going to finally get some help.


I went to docs about the lump I could feel when I swallow, the week before Xmas. But I think I've been getting symptoms for about 4-5 months although nothing I could put my finger on to go to the docs with. Gone downhill ever since then. The lump is still there & I can feel it all the time now, but the ultrasound apparently didn't show anything. He did send off to test cortisol today so I guess that's something???


I understand completely, my thyroid peroxidase was 238, ferritin 178, cholesterol 6.9 t4,t3 within range, still suffering terribly symptoms , dry skin , tired, so cold despite several layers and really feeling depressed because of the doctors response. I have strange sensation in my fingers , leg cramps, severe hip pain and gained 5 stone in weight. This uncomfortably lump constantly in my throat. The doctor sent me to weight watchers I was the only one gaining weight, to be told by the consultant I have to be doing the wrong thing with the program. I work in education 3.5 hrs a day and really struggling to hold done my job and my marriage. My husband can't sleep in the bed anymore because I need electric blanket on constantly and extra quilt. I called my doctor yesterday to discuss I needed help and was told by the receptionist sorry you have to wait until Monday it's not urgent. I have considered sourcing meds on internet because I can't live or feel like this anymore :( . My heart goes out to you.


Aawww you too xxx My husband is walking round the house in shorts!!!


So far I have started taking the following to try & help myself at least. Does anyone have any advice as to whether there is anything else I could/should be doing please?

2 Spatone sachets per day, taken in orange juice

2 1000mg VitC & Zinc

2 NutriAdrenal

2 glasses of water with seasalt

Brazil nuts for Selenium

Anything else I can try?


Have you had your b12,folate and vitamin d checked. I looked at your latest results and couldn't see them listed. If you have deficiencies in any of those it could make your symptoms worse.


No, they didn't do those. I'll try to get them done


:) Apparently they are all linked so improving all them might make you feel better even if you're out of luck with treatment for thryroid. Then if you actually do get thyroid meds having all those at a good level will help your body deal with the medication.


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