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Furious is not the word...lazy endocrinologist is!

Posted about a month ago that my TSH level had shot up over the last few months to almost 40 at last bloods on Tuesday. My endo had cancelled appointment for just after New Years as she was on holiday, so GP asked for me to contact her and GP would also try to get me urgent appointment...

Well, GP left a message and even wrote to her saying she was concerned about the way my TSH had become even though I take 250mcg thyroxine and I have been diagnosed for 15years. She also was concerned that I had gained almost 2stone, I do have LUPUS too, so said this and joint pains could be attributed to that... Seen Rheumy on Tuesday and she too was concerned about the dosage and TSH, so asked me to chase appointment.

I have now spent my second day, flitting calls between hospital and GP's to be told she thought that the GP could manage this and that to take meds in a morning with no vitamins or supplements or other tablets... And that not to increase Thyroxine, so therefore didn't need to see me! Outraged. I certainly am... But I know for a fact she didn't even look at my file from the previous appointment because my gastro had it from recent endoscopy and then it had gone off to my rhemuy appointment. How can this woman play god with my life when she hasn't even looked at my notes, just advised a secretary to tell me the above. To be fair the secretary said she doesn't have her own secretary ....which makes me think is she of any good?

Appointment with GP tomorrow to get this sorted...and ask to be referred to another Endo me thinks!

Sorry for the long post and rant...but just feeling rather annoyed! (My NHS trust were voted one of the worst)

Amanda xxxx

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Oh dear. The usual chaos that besets the NHS. Joined up writing is a concept they don't understand.

With all that auto-immune stuff going on have you considered trying the auto-immune paleo diet and/or trying Low Dose Naltrexone?


I have never heard of it, Rosetrees....

Although I have been hypo for 15 years I have can honest say that I have not really had any problems with it before until about 6 months ago as like I mentioned everything started going haywire! I have took it upon myself and joined slimming world but I will look into the diet you suggested! I have complained , my gGP suggests another Endo but she too is angry! She said she will fully support me in a complaint because she says my medical notes couldn't have been reviewed... My quest for justice continues!!!! Xxx


Hi Houghton73shaws

Do a google search on Auto immune protocols, you will need to cut out all gluten, sugar, diary and nightshades not easy but it may well help with your Lupus too which is another autoimmune condition. It is appalling how you have been treated and the Trust should know about this. What were your other blood test results? Please post them...


Hi Sorrel89,

I am coeliac so gluten is a no no! I have a search and the paleo diet is very much like the slimming world one, so hopefully I am in good stead to lose the weight! My last bloods TSH was actually 41 and T4 11.3... Meds of 250mcg levothyroxine! Still waiting for the battery of bloods to come back from Tuesday rheumy appt...


At least you seem to have a half decent GP. Mine is a hostile, obstructive, b8tch who seems to enjoy putting my health at risk by refusing to prescribe any meds my specialists say i need. They all play god - and get away with it because there is no accountability whatsoever in the system.

Did you know the NHS does not use anti-fraud software so that any GP can go back and retrospectivelt alter electronic records to cover their own negligence.

I know this because a GP tampered with mine; the Ombudsman admitted to me there was no anti-fraud software in place whgen i asked for the records to be checked for retro amendments

At my workplace it would be downright impossible to alter a record without a trace being left and many docs simply lock once entered so that you cannot go back and alter them - you have to make a new one.


Mine too, Bluedaffodil!

When I am not off sick I am a manager for tv licensing, and the number of complaints we receive is unbelievable, we are accountable for every telephone call,entry into the system and letter wrote. I would be hung drawn and quartered if I just replied to someone without checking facts first! I thinks that what made me mad.....i am not playing with someone's health though!

I have calmed down now....round 2 with GP tomorrow, she is determined to sort this out!


My GP would be out of her depth if she parked in a puddle


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