My appointment has been moved!!!

I had a call from the endo's secretary this morning - she has offered me an appointment for - wait for it - NEXT WEEK!! :))

I asked her some questions that were on my mind and that she would be able to answer for me:

- First of all I said my blood test is being done later today and is there any chance they will be available to the endo at the appointment. She asked me which surgery I'm with and when I told her she said they may be going to the BRI but the endo can always contact them for this information anyway.

- And secondly I asked if the GP would know about the change of time/date of the appointment. I told the GP about when it was originally. She said they will probably know about this but she will send me a letter with the new time/date on it.

I wasn't expecting this at 8:15am in the morning! :o

Jo xxx

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  • That's good news.

  • Thanks Shaws - I believe it's also with the same endo as she's based at both Frenchay and Southmead. It's at Frenchay instead of Southmead but at least it's sooner than expected. :)

    Jo xxx

  • That's good news as I know you have been anxious to get to see the endo, so I really hope she has some answers for you. Make sure you have everything written down that you want to ask as it's sometimes difficult to remember everything on the spot. Good luck. Jane x

  • Thanks Jane!!

    It's been suggested I may be eligible for patient transport? I've looked into it on the NHS site under Help with Health Costs and I do qualify on the Low Income as:

    I receive JSA

    I also receive joint Working Tax Credits (my partner and I claim jointly but it goes into my account just to float it)

    I'm medically exempt since I'm on thyroxine.

    How do I go about arranging patient transport? My grandparents tend to ferry me to appointments to hospitals and I really don't want to trouble them since they would only just get back from their holiday Friday! Do I talk to my GP about it during an appointment or can I see the practice manager and ask her? Just seems a waste of a ten-minute appointment to talk to someone about just that!

    Jo xxx

  • Sorry, I have no idea about transport as I guess it is organised differently by each hospital. I'd be inclined to phone the main hospital switchboard to ask.

    I didn't know you had a partner - could you take him along to the appointment too? It sometimes helps to have that support. Jane x

  • No worries!! :) Thanks for replying.

    Unfortunately my partner works on that day - I guess I might have to take my grandparents along with me. The only thing is they tend to make a "day out" of it, bless them. :)

    Jo xxx

  • hi there jo , to organise patient transport -- in all hospitals --- the first appointment transport has to be arrainged by your doctor/practice [ after they have confirmed eligibility ] and ALL follow up appointments ===== if you state at the time of the appt. that you are ' patient transport ' [ they sometimes miss it ] will then be taken over to the receiving hospital ==== they all use different booking systems [ just ask how to do it for the next appt. ] I know with 1 that we use I have to phone to book transport no sooner than 1 month before the appt. [ bit of a pain if the appt. is 2months away] another automatically books transport when the appt. hits the system really is the best way to go forward ----- always remember that when booking transport to state that it is for you and an escort [ they have to allow for 1 escort on request ] glad that you have received some uplifting news so early in the new year hope it carries on in this manner ....alan xx

  • Hi there Alan!! Thanks for your reply. Yes, I hope it carries on in the same manner too! I don't have a lot of time between now and the appointment itself, so should I speak to my GP about it in an appointment? The only reason I ask is because she's a very popular doctor and I might not be able to see her before the endo appointment. How about the receptionist or the practice manager? I spoke to the practice manager about the results I didn't hear anything about and she then consulted my doctor in passing. I'm wondering if it might be worth going through the manager first?


    Jo xxx

  • YES contact the reception / practice staff ---- it is their responsibility to make the bookings directly ===== after all if your doctor had to do all of this they wouldn't have time to actually see their patients [ they may well have to confirm with the specific doctor -- but this can be done ' in passing ' therefore not taking up the doc's time ] ....... insist and you will get there after all that is what they get PAID for .......glad to help .....alan xx

  • Thank you very much - I'll nip up there now then and have a word with the reception. If not the practice manager.

    Jo xxx

  • just insist on there responsibility ..... if you need to [ but always try to keep them on your side ] .......alan xxx

  • Hi Alan, unfortunately I got nowhere when I spoke to the receptionist. She said it's a very strict policy and although they don't arrange this themselves the only way I would be eligible would be if I can't physically make it to the GP practice.

    So I'll be going by bus.

    Can you still claim for travel costs? I read somewhere on the NHS website that this is no longer the case as this policy ended in April 2013.

    That doesn't seem right.


    Jo xxx

  • hi jo , absolute bunkum ..... I would insist on an emergency appointment first thing on Monday ---as soon as they open [ do not discuss with reception what its for --- they are not MEDICALLY QUALIFIED --- ] and STATE to your gp that you have no other means to attend the appointment and that the first transport HAS to be booked via HIS PRACTICE and that all follow up appointments transport is covered by the receiving hospital ----- a side issue may be to tell him/her that you need to attend with someone that doesn't suffer from ' brain fog ' and they are disabled [ this worked for my lady ] .... a little advice that has worked for many others is to remind the gp that any stress that comes from this to you will mean further appointments with him and also medications which has an impact on his time and cost to his trust [ prescriptions & loss of appt's and time --- and you don't wish to hinder his practise ] --- just make sure that transport is booked for 'PATIENT & ESCORT' -- EVEN IF YOU DONT HAVE ONE --any other problems give me a PM ....alan xx

  • Alan I'm sorry if this sounds harsh but you're advice to lie about having a disabled escort is not on, that would mean 2 seats being booked when not really needed thus stopping a truly disabled patient getting to hospital. The criteria for transport is very strict at least it is in bristol.

  • hi hypohen , nut my advice was not to lie to jo , but to re-inforce the FACT that the entire system is flawed and doesn't allow for the REAL PEOPLE THAT NEED HELP to actually get it ----- how many times on this site have you actually read some of the horror stories of some that assume its 'a post code lottery ' or my doctors is an idiot [ or worse ] just because of where I live ......all I was trying to say was to use the system PROPERLY ..... if you have seen the other blogs from her she has her grandparents to transport her [ I don't know how old or how long they can do it for --- she has to have a 'plan 'b' for when that happens ] ...... because I found this out AT MASSIVE COST AND DETRIMENTAL TO HEALTH in the past === and is still happening occasionally ....if you are elligable for transport [ and there are many different rules ] YOU SHOULD NEVER BE REFUSED ---- after all how many visits did THIS patient have to rely on her GRANDPARENTS at their own cost .....alan x

  • Hi Alan, just seen your posts.

    My grandparents have been transporting me to hospital appointments since 2005. Grandad is 72 and grandmother is 72 also. Grandad drives but he recently recovered from a stroke and a TIA about 4 years ago. He still has memory/emotional problems.

    My grandparents have transported me:

    to Southmead for hip X-ray in 2005

    to Frenchay for another hip X-ray in 2007

    to St Michael's hospital for another hip X-ray in 2008

    to Southmead for emergency admission for suspected spinal disc prolapse in 2009

    to Bristol Royal Infirmary for thyroid ultrasound in 2012

    to Bristol Royal Infirmary for hip X-ray in 2008

    So quite a few times.

    Jo xxx

  • hi jo , this is exactly why I have said that you need to have an alternative plan in place ---- and remember that your grandpappy will be able to rest assured that you are being taken care of [ that will also help with his health situation ] and that he doesn't have to worry or force himself to help out .....they sound like really lovely people take care of them and send my << hugs>> to them ....alan xx

  • Hi Alan, yes they are lovely people. I'm the only child in their immediate family and lived with them for 24 years. They do treat me as their little girl. :)

    I'll get onto this tomorrow but I'm really worried about the endo appointment now.

    I just want them to believe me when I say that I am not well. I really hope that they'll take the Anti-TPO readings on board seeing as though I have no visible goitre. :(

    Thanks for your reply.

    Jo xxx

  • don't be worried jo , that can only make things worse just remember YOU are and will always be their little girl .... you will get through this so think positive and act decisively ...alan xxx

  • Wonderful news! What a lovely morning wake-up! Hope it goes well.


  • Thanks Marram!!! I hope it goes well too. :)

    Jo xxx

  • Great news! It was certainly worth the time to call her!

    Hope your appointment goes well.


  • Aww, thanks!! I hope so too! When I go to thyroid support group tomorrow I'll ask the guys there what to ask, etc. I have a lot of abnormal blood results too from December - which they'll be shocked to hear about!


    Jo xxx

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