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Utter confusion since Endo appointment & feeling very low

I had appointment at new Endo on Saturday, who is very pro Thyroid UK which was great, and she was nice, however the main reason i was currently seeing her was becuase of my mental health. Her first suggestion was to go back on Citalopram - ouch!!. In her opinion Thyroid meds and Anti-Depressants work well together?! I had been on this for 6 years and wanted to come off them which i did last July. However since October i am really struggling with depression/anxiety. She mentioned seeing 'my' Psychiatrist regarding the links between thyroid and depression/anxiety. I don't have one, although i have been seeing a therapist for 6 years and it was under his suggestion to stop taking Citalopram. So i've an Endo who knows about Thyroid but not depression/anxiety and a therapist who knows about depression but not thyroid. Where do i go now, as i've read that their is a link between underactive thyroid. Most of the Doctors who know about this on internet are based in the USA. Endo was very nice, but also didn't give me any adrenal testing, which i'm curious about? However she's asking my GP to do: Immunology tests _ ANA, Rh Factor, ENA, AutiDS, Se Electroplhoversis & immune globuins, DNA Ab, Coelic Screen. Any help gratefully received regarding where to go next? back to my GP? Try to find a thyroid lent Psychiatrist/Psychologist in UK? Oh, and i'm now menopausal :( I need someone to take charge for me and tell me when i feel well know, because to be honest i don't know anymore :(

Brief med/result history: In March 2013 from 75mg T4, 10mg T3, as my TSH had gone underactive again. Antibodies at this time were 145 from range of 0 – 34.

Dosage was upped to 10mg T3 and 100mg T4: In October 2013 my antibodies were 1. and TSH is 0.17 (range 0.34 - 5.6), free T4 is 10.6 (range 7.5 - 21.1), free T3 is 6.9 (range 3.8 – 6.8), Ferritin is 49.0 (range 11 – 336), vit D is 168 (75 optimal, 220 toxic). B12 Assay is 392 (range 180 – 914) Serum Folate 25.2 (range 3.1 – 19.9)

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There is definitely a connection between hypothyroidism and depression. This is a link and there are a few other threads too:-

Not many doctors have time to read articles on research.


Too often, GPs prescribe antidepressants in lieu of thyroid testing. Hypothyroidism can manifest as, or cause, anxiety and depression, and once you're optimally treated with thyroid hormone replacement those symptoms should resolve.

If they don't, the anxiety and depression may be due to other causes. Unfortunately, specialists don't tend to take a holistic view of health or talk to other specialists.


It seems to me that your T4/T3 balance is not quite right. Your FT3 is right at the top of the range but your FT4 is quite low. Also your ferritin is low- people on this site recommend the ferritin result is over half way up the range.


Would you recommend dropping my T3 dose of 10mg and upping my T4 from 100mg? On recent visit to Endo she said she had no problems doing it the other way? I'm getting so confused cause i thought T3 was the ultimate in stopping depression/anxiety. I just want someone to take it all away. Im getting so confused :( but thank you all for your help, i do appreciate it.


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