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Can someone please tell me what is the conversion for 120mg of Armour Thyroid to Synthroid ?

I have recently moved to India from the United States. I have been on a dose of 120mg of Armour thyroid, doctors here have no idea about the desiccated Armour Thyroid so they do not know what dosage to prescribe to me. My pre-planned source for Armour thyroid has not panned out as I had originally expected before leaving the U.S. and I am not leaving India anytime soon. I need someone who has some real experience in switching over to advice me on this matter. I have seen the conversion rate of Armour to Synthroid on the internet but if someone here has a better understanding of this conversion please help out a hypo brethren. Thanks.

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Hi, I can understand your frustration. Most Dr. here have not got a clue when it comes to Armour. The answer to your question is 120gms Armour is the same as 200 mcgs of levo or other synthetic.


Yes, as jam said, 60 mg. of Armour is called one grain. So you are taking two grains.

Each grain of Armour is equivalent to 100 mcg. of Synthroid but remember Armour contains about 1/5 T3 and Synthroid is 100% T4. Are you sure you cannot source Armour or even Erfa? Some people do not do as well on a synthetic T4. So, you are switching from a natural thyroid hormone to a totally synthetic one.


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