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Please someone tell me it just isnt me!!!


Does anyone else have this really weird feeling in their tummy most of the time The only way I can explain it feels like sort of goose bumps but inside the tummy like a constant nervous feeling and I hope you don't mind me putting this but my private parts are very uncomfortable as well and I'm peeing loads even though they say there is no infection. I have only had these symptoms since I started taking Thyroxine I have put on three stone in 5 months and gone from a size 8 to a size 16 I don't even look like me anymore. I don't feel like me the panic attacks are horrendous and I'm crying all the time and in such a bad sad place in my head I just don't want to go on like this anymore. All my joints hurt I have a constant headache and vomiting. My quality of life is zero all I want to do is go to bed I have no energy or wish to see or do anything. Believe me I'm a fighter I have in the last 3 years survived a broken neck and living with chronic renal failure so I'm not being a baby I just cant see any way out of this hell hole. The Dr says after the radiation my tests are all normal well if this is normal I don't know what to say. I just want to run but I have to take my body with me!

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welcome to my world.. I have constant pain in all my joints, never ever stop running to the loo. At work I will be in the middle of telling a Contractor that there work isn't good enough when I just burst in to tears. It is all I can do to get out of bed and often find myself sitting with my head in my hands saying that I just can't do this anymore.

I have gone in 6 months from a size 10 all ireland medal winner at trampolining to a size 16 shuffling wreck who has to stop to get my breath back after walking up a flight of stairs, I am so wrapped up in layers of clothes all the time people have taken to calling me the michelin mans wife.

My gp keeps telling me to stop feeling sorry for myself and get out walking because he knows how lazy most women are.

The worst thing for me though is the fact that I just feel ill.

kimbo in reply to rosii

hi im in the same boat, palpitations, nausea very lightheaded cold/hot everyday gp says ITS ANXIETY had it since being hypo and still no further off the ground, exhausted every day feel awful

HiddenAdministrator in reply to rosii

Dancer - you're not alone (seen your other post too) and a dancing takes some discipline (I used to do a little ballet.)

Rosii - grr - how dare they think we're just lazy?

Yep - apparently I have a history of anxiety - I kept insisting it was just a physical thing, my GP did eventually say I seem to be level headed.

Horrible gut feeling of dread, can't cope, palpitations, tremor - yuk! (gone since a partial thyroidectomy 'tho)

My point being - ANXIETY is just a symptom - I wish they'd look at the whole picture.

Hang in there folks - there has to be light at the end of the tunnel xx

Gray in reply to rosii

Hi, no one should put on weight if they are taking the correct dose of Thyroxin, this is a symptom of an under active thyroid gland. The only comfort that I can offer is that I had my thyroid gland removed 31 years ago, and time and the correct medication have eventually help me to gain some equilibrium, but it is a fine balancing act. I also have rheumatoid arthritis, which at the moment is a nightmare to live with, is anyone out there in the same position?

Don't welcome me into your world lol ive got enough to contend with I think, Im sorry to hear your feeling so rotten this disease is shite! excuse the word but I cant call it by a polite name it doesn't seem to respect us.


Thank you for the response, im fairly new here and I put it up twice because I thought I had the wrong place . Brain dead to boot haha . This dred feeling definitely seems to have a pattern and is part and parcel of this illness.

Big Hugs x

Maybe you need to tell most of the people on here because they nearly all seem to have a weight gain problem and I started putting on weight when I was overactive with Graves disease so it isn't that straightforward. If only it was. :)



How much Thyroxine are you taking?

Are you taking any other medication? ( this is really important because lots of medicines and supplements don't mix well with thyroxine)

Are you eating? What are you drinking? ( same as above some food or drink mixes better)

I really understand how you are feeling, I'm feeling just the same right now.

I am determined for me, for you and for everyone to keep on and on researching, delving and cracking this so that we can all achieve a good quality of life.

I send you my love and support.

Dancerfromparis in reply to Hidden

Bless you and thank you for your support Andrea,Im so sorry your feeling bad to I wish I could wave a wand and make us all ok.

I'm taking 125mg a day plus propranolol and they say I'm still slightly over active so I just don't understand where this weight is coming from. As and x dancer like a lot of us in that business I was anorexic for more years then I can count when I was younger but stopped all that but stayed tiny,never been more then a size 10 I know it shouldn't be important but that on top of everything else is just getting to me. To be almost 11 stone in pain and think im off my trolly altogether is just not me and I eat minimally as always. I'm also being tested on wed for bowel cancer because I have been passing a lot of blood. Oh dear it all sounds nasty doesn't it? The accident I had really took it's toll on me. I thought I had got away with it because I didnt die or end up in a wheel chair but the shock effected other parts of my body.

Big hugs hope you feel better soon

Hi Sandi,

I feel so sad reading your posts.

Your situation seems so similar to mine.

I was wondering whether I could email you personally or phone you....

I understand if you would prefer to keep it to the blog forum...its just that I find it so hard to express myself on a chat type of forum.

Let me know

My email address is

Thanks very much


Ive sent you an email :) chin up. Hugs.

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