Someone tell me they feel the same please!

Does anyone else have this really weird feeling in their tummy most of the time The only way I can explain it feels like sort of goose bumps but inside the tummy like a constant nervous feeling and I hope you don't mind me putting this but my private parts are very uncomfortable as well and I'm peeing loads even though they say there is no infection. I have only had these symptoms since I started taking Thyroxine I have put on three stone in 5 months and gone from a size 8 to a size 16 I don't even look like me anymore. I don't feel like me the panic attacks are horrendous and I'm crying all the time and in such a bad sad place in my head I just don't want to go on like this anymore. All my joints hurt I have a constant headache and vomiting. My quality of life is zero all I want to do is go to bed I have no energy or wish to see or do anything. Believe me I'm a fighter I have in the last 3 years survived a broken neck and living with chronic renal failure so I'm not being a baby I just cant see any way out of this hell hole. The Dr says after the radiation my tests are all normal well if this is normal I don't know what to say. I just want to run but I have to take my body with me!

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  • I know where you are coming from as i feel exactly the same, my Doctor keeps putting me on anti depressants, doing blood tests and telling me that there is nothing wrong. It is nice in a sad way to see that it is not just me that feels this way !

  • Good morning dancerfromparis. My heart goes out to you and I do have some idea of where you are as I have been there too as have thousands of others. Almost exactly the same thing happened to me when I took synthetic thyroxine. I was putting on about a pound a day and my hair fell out in clumps quite apart from the myriad other symptoms that were wrenching my body which already had plenty T4 and it really did not need any more. What it was screaming for was some T3 and adrenal support. I now know that I had a conversion problem from T4 to T3 and that is now being addressed as I am on Armour thyroid and adrenal support and there is a very real difference in my health and which is improving steadily every day. Of course you are a fighter - you have to be to survive your body being so out of kilter. Please carry on researching and asking questions as there are answers for each of us and we have this wonderful resource at our fingertips called the Web and there are so many incredible sites you can visit for help and support. The Thyroid Patient Advocacy is another invaluable resource. This time of the year is often difficult with extra stresses on our adrenals and of course a change in the weather from warm to cold and dry to damp. None of us are `normal`- we are all extraordinary human beings with individual requirements and it is just a case of finding what it is that your body, soul and spirit needs to make it work in harmony and that can be a reality.

  • hi, I have same symptoms & pee lots too. Doctors don't have a clue, which makes things worse. Have you tried taking selenium? it helps me & is needed for thyroid function. Trevor

  • Hi DancerfromParis, a lot of your symptoms sound similar to mine-especially the panic attacks and weeing a lot with no infection!! You do sound like a real fighter though. I can also relate to your quality of life being zero, that's how I feel at the moment. Hope things get better for you soon xx

  • I was told that lax symphcter muscles due to hypo cause the contstant urination. Also, did you know that renal problems are often associated with hypothyroidism?

  • This so interesting your right the Dr don't have a clue I have had water problems protein in my urine and wanting to pee every half and they found nothing this it all seems to make sense

  • Thank you ladies but still no one can tell me if they get this weird feeling in their stomachs is it just me?

  • hi dancer its elaine here , i think i know what you are talking about i get those feelings and correct me if im wrong but i get feelings of doom , i know that sounds a bit dramatic but its afeeling of nervousness and being frightened is that the same feelings your getting ? i used to have urine infections and go all the time and i got sent to a urologist and he says hes got a lot of thyroid patients all with the same thing he put me on tabs for overactive bladder but the meds clashed with the thyroxine so i stopped taking them but the nearer i get to sorting out my thyroid its got a lot better any way get back to me to let me know how you are x

  • Hi Lainey, That's exactly how I feel it's like impending doom. I wake up in the middle of the night sometimes with this horrible end of the world feeling and sometimes it lasts all day. I am very depressed and have lots of panic attacks in fact it has changed me from being a happy go lucky energetic person into this thing that has lost all interest in everything and everyone I dread waking up it's horrible you open your eyes and your body hurts so much and you feel so weird it's like not another day of this please. I don't think your being dramatic at all. I know I have more then just the Graves disease and waiting for the transplant is nerve racking but I could cope with all of that even though I shed a few tears over it I could handle it but this has taken over my life completely and it's horrible and very cruel.

    thank you for replying to me its very appreciated. x

  • i know you have got a lot more than me going on but i actually felt a lot better last summer and i was going out for lovely walk in the sunshine and i even went back to college something i havent been able to do for nearly 9 years and i thought i have finally got my life back but my doctor changed my tablets and im back to square one , i had to stop college and i hardly go out anymore and i have the dreaded feelings of panic and being frightened and i have been very emotional and i hate saying this but i honestly feel like throwing myself in the river but ive got 3 kids and i couldnt imagine not being around them , ive got twin boys well they are 23 now and my wee boy is 13 and they totally understand how im feeling but i think you get that low , i just wanted to let you know that im thinking about you and im sending you a big hug and i hope even tommorrow will be a better day for you xx

  • It's very difficult Trev with Chronic renal failure I have to be extremly caustious what i take as I only have 15% left on both kidneys and anything i injest could affect them. but I will check.

    Thank you


  • Wishing you better soon to and thank you for your response and care. :)

  • I wasnt Hypo I was 70% overactive I have Graves disease I had Rai to make me hypo.

  • Bless you I'm so so sorry to hear your feeling so awful. Please seriously this is my Email If you would like to email me and have a chat I would be more then willing, I left a message for you before in conversations but I think maybe you didnt see it. Just to know that I'm not going completely bonkers in itself is a relief I hope it helped you to. please don't give up we will get better we have to. Thank God for your lovely children. You take care

  • Than you for your response Sally It all helps. I dont feel such a freak now.

    Dancer x

  • I wont take the anti depressants they just make me more paranoid.

  • Hope you start to feel better soon sandie.

    take care and best wishes angie xxx

  • So sorry to hear that you are struggling. I used to get the impending doom feeling but not the tummy thing that you describe.

    Have you heard of 5htp? I took this for a while rather than anti-depressants.

    Funny how the depression has totally disappeared now that I am fully medicated!

  • Hi Suze, Thanks for your reply, yep I'm just so sick of feeling so ill and sad and crying all the time it's so not me! The part that upsets me more then anything is I cant have my little 5 year old grandson for the night and he misses is at much as I do and gets so upset, because of my kidneys I can become very sick very quickly and sometimes I'm awake all night just throwing up, and I live alone so it gets pretty scary at's really very unpleasant. I haven't heard of 5htp could you tell me a little more about it please.


  • That's so sad that you cant have your Grandson over night ,that would be enough to make me sad without all the other things that are going on ,couldn't someone else stay over as well I'm sure it would lift your mood a little .

    I hope you get a transplant very soon my Dad had kidney trouble but was to old for a transplant and I know how poorly he felt ,so I wish you better ,all the best Jan XX

  • Hi there,

    I have just joined this group and seen your post. I was wondering if you managed to get help for the nervous feeling you experienced as I am suffering from exactly the same thing and feel like I'm going crazy!

    I too had RAI which didn't work and then had my thyroid removed. I am off to my endo on Monday for blood tests but have realised that I need to learn more about the condition I have.




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