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What vitamins and supplements does everyone take?

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I just wondered what everyone else takes?

This is my daily list, mainly based on what my acupuncturist recommended 6 months ago ( he has been treating me for CFS/ aching joints...if you read my last posts I now think this is due to my Levo dose of 50mcg daily, and I am on the case with the Dr for a full blood count and better treatment). I am also a proper vegetarian ( so no fish either).

I also take Seroxat , currently at 50 mg ( for Panic attacks, OCD and anxiety attacks- I have been on these for about 18 yrs now, but that's another, and possibly related to thyroid, issue!)

Methyl B12 (1,000mcg)

Vit D3 ( 5000mcg)

K2 ( 100mcg)

Multivitamin with probiotic

Magnesium ( spray on liquid form)

Flax seed ( 1000mcg)

Selenium with Zinc ( 100mcg and 15mg) ( have started taking this in the last week)

15 Replies
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Hi A very good multivitmin and mineral supplement is normally advised by endo`s. Vit D ( hormonal) should only be taken after a blood test for corrected calcium. It must always be in range, D puts it up. Re tests after 3 months, then occasionally.My consultants, and I agree ,say that no vit K should ever be taken, interferes with the blood clotting.probiotic good. Magnesium, should only be taken after a blood test, specific, tiny range. Magnesium, calcium, sodium and potassium, all effect each other and must always be in range. However, I doubt if much magnesium is absorbed like that, I have to have it on a script, with weekly tests, as my consultants reckon only this particular med is absorbed Indeed shows clearly in my bloods, tried lots of other things first, all under medical supervision.. All fine in food.

Rest all good, zinc is too.Also Co-enzyme Q 10,.Good fish oil

I hope that helps.

Best wishes,


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poing in reply to Jackie

hi jackie,

I'm sure I remember you saying something like that about magnesium before... what kind of health condition do you have that makes you so sensitive to taking magnesium, and what sort of supplement is it that is so powerful it's on prescription?

For most people, I think magnesium is well tolerated and often beneficial, and in fact some doctors says it is one of the safer supplements. It is contraindicated if you have kidney problems that prevent you from peeing out the excess if you take too much, but most vitamins have some kind of contraindication (vitamin D in people with high calcium, iron in people with infectious diseases etc).

Just asking out of curiosity.

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Jackie in reply to poing

Hi all the elecrolytes have to always be in range for everyone, else renal failure and cardiac arrests.etc.. I have these and many more, Unfortunately a lot of ignorance about these and the effect of them., amongst even reasonably good medics. So long as in range, not a problem. I have magnesium oxide, script the one my Nephrologist recommends for transplants ( not me). However, I have to have weekly bloods for that and the other electrolytes. Taking these all in food ,is perfectly safe.

Best wishes,


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poing in reply to Jackie

Nephrologist? Does that mean you do have kidney problems? If so, that would make you someone that has to be especially cautious with overdosing on magnesium. We are all individuals, and react to differently... I find magnesium highly beneficial for a number of reasons, but I take it in small doses and don't have kidney problems.

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Jackie in reply to poing

Hi No it is because all electroytes out of range dangerous for lots of reasons but especially the heart. Basically they control the impulses to control the heart beat. Surprisingly only the very top cardio`s know this. I have found this out to my cost. My good cardio`s say that I have to instruct them! I do! Low Potassium , tied up with the other electrokytes causes the most lethal type of arrests. High Potassium acute renal failure in any one. Of course, people please them selves, but I wish I had known from my then consultants and would not have had 4 cardiac arrests,

Best wishes,


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poing in reply to Jackie

You must have had a really terrible experience - four cardiac arrests sounds terrifying beyond words.

I understand about the electrolytes being tightly controlled. But I also reckon that in most people the process for balancing those electrolytes works pretty well - as you say it's so important that the body keeps them in a narrow range, often at the expense of other processes in the body. Is that wrong?

I think I'm still not fully understanding why you think everyone needs to be cautious about those supplements.

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Jackie in reply to poing

Hi Because mine were out for years, no body ( consultants etc) knew it mattered.. I just like to warn people of the risks, then they can decide for themselves.


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sky00 in reply to Jackie

there are numerous web doctor-sites dr.oz dr.bob our own dr.john briffa etc.etc. dr. peat.... all give the rational for taking supplements all the research is out there--for all to see, if one could eat a totally organic diet with the soil full of nutrients and lived in a cave away from pollutants and the stresses of daily life and ate loads of sprouts etc..maybe just maybe one wouldn't need to supplement --but to steer cal away from supplementing is just plum wrong--goes against all nutritional holistic medical data, it is only your option not factual and incomplete, of course there are exceptions, but i believe generalities were being discussed here, not problematic illnesses. of course this also is just my opinion, but i have loads of anecdotal evidence to back up my opinion..

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Jackie in reply to sky00

Sky, Yes now so much info available, but nothing beats a good Endo. There were few blood tests, no WEB, no TUK and most docs completely ignorant , unless picked up info along the way. It is very different now. I have had thyroid disease a long, long time.I had it for 20 years then self diagnosed, from the tiny bit of info available, articles etc. It should be so easy now, but still not so often.


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Does your multi-vitamin have a good form of iron in it? I think many people with these health problems have low Ferritin (I do). best of luck, :)

I take these:

2 x NAX

1 x Lamberts Multi-Max

300 mg Co-Q10

600 mg Magnesium

2 x Glucosamine 1,000 mg

1 x 1000 mg Omega 3 fish oil

2 x Bio-Kult Candea probiotics

1 x 750mg GABA

I'm self treating & also take a low dose of T4 (12.5 mg) but building up slowly & will probably need more.

I take the slightly larger doses of Magnesium & Co-Q10 as these doses are recommended for migraine sufferers.

As you can see it's all quite expensive, so have to shop around for best price & offers.

Flo B

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Hi cal1971,

Don't know much in general about supps. you're taking. but I should be careful about K2. O.K. If in food - gouda cheese is the best source. If ingested (and I'm no medical person) understand it is detrimental to the poor liver which copes with a lot.

Normally K2 manufactured in the gut from other vits. So a good balanced diet probably best As always the simple answer !!!

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Methyl B12

Vit D3


Nutri adrenal



Probiotics (currently BioKult)


Calcium fructoborate (occasionally)


Digestive enzymes (currently Rocky Fork)

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I think everyone is roughly on the same page!

I was told to take K2 by my acupuncturist as it helps with D3 absorption apparently? But I will check that out.

I have the spray form of magnesium as this provides better absorption too, and spray it on my knees, as it says on the bottle that it can also help with muscle pain. Its good to know it is recommended for migraine, as I too get these occasionally.

I don't take fish oil as veggie, hence the flax instead.I am wary of the extra iron ( somebody messaged me about this) as too much can be detrimental, but I am going to ask for an iron and ferritin test too, although I have always been told it has been fine.

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I take multi-vit,co enzymeQ10(think does help my energy),ester-C(better form of vit C;i never catch colds etc),vit b-complex(good for anxiety),5HTP(for slight low mood),Red krill oul(supposed to be better than fish oil)calcium/Magnesium/zinc.then sometimes i taken Hawthorn(for heart strength),vit d(in winter esp),tumeric(tp reduce inflamm in hashis)..and others!

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