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Does cT3m method help to resolve insomnia


I understand the protocol of CT3m and healing adrenals. My adrenal / cortisol pattern is low early a.m .and mid day and then improving pm and high at night - a common pattern I think.

Therefore sleep is a big problem.

So my question is - does the CT3m method fix this problem with insomnia / high cortisol - and at what speed? Cos this lack of sleep is driving me to despair and having to use 3 different adaptogens across the evening to slowly calm down and begin to feel a bit sleepy - but not always successful.

Any help gratefully received.



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Hi, I'm sorry I can't answer your question but I'll be interested to find out as well. I was prescribed hydrocortisone after saliva testing showed below range morning cortisol and above range evening cortisol. 10 years later I'm still taking HC and still finding it difficult to get up in the morning. I could easily sleep all day. I have most energy at night. However, I also suffer from insomnia and often don't fall asleep until 4 or 5 am. It is exhausting.

I have also been taking T3 for 10 years. Recently I started taking my first dose earlier in the morning / night as per the method. However I'm still taking HC and am finding it extremely difficult to wean off.

By the way, what adaptogens are you taking? Are they helping?


Hi Jow,

The adaptogens I have tried so far -

35mg zinc taken after evening meal about 8pm - zinc said to lower cortisol

9pm 5HTP x 2 tablets

10pm Valerain 90mg tablet

And some nights have to use Boots Sleepeze tablet about half hour before bed.

I can still wake once or twice with this regime, but usually a bladder issue waking me up.

I hope we do get an answer to this question.




Hi Giagal, thanks for your reply.


I am not an expert on CT3M and my low cortisol is mid day and afternoon so is different to you. However I do take 20 mcg of T3 in the evening about10pm and I do feel that makes me sleep through the night


Melatonin counteracts high cortisol and I take 3mg if I feel wired. Can be bought from biovea



I love Melatonin, it really works for me and I've always had insomnia in the past. I take 1-2 mg before bedtime.


Hi Roslin, Thanks for the Melatonin feedback. I have now ordered some as I desperately need to sleep and gettting serious depression/despain/mental exhaustion by lack of sleep. Fingers crossed.



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