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Anyone on T3 or CT3M - please help!

Hi All

I bought and read Paul Robinsons book and I believe my outstanding problem is with my adrenals. I have completlely lost my eyebrows and they have never regrown. My eyelashes are very sparse, no hair on arms and legs. While all other thyroid problems I had have been resolved; this hair thing is still a big issue and I think it is adrenal more than hypo.

My current preseciption is 140mg T4 and 40mgT3. So I stopped the all meds for a few days and then started t3 only. I have done it a few ways - 20mg in the morning and same in the evening.TThen I tried 20mg T3 in the morning then 20 mg T3 about 3pm. I found I wasnt sleeping at night which was unusual for me. So I stopped all meds again for a few days and started again with just 20mg in the morning of T3.

Part of me thinks nothing is ever going to fix my hair as the neds would have done so by now so why bother, and part of me desperately hopes just using t3 will help and I just need to get the dosing protocol right.

Ok now I am thinking stop everyting again for a week, clear out my system and do a 24 hr adrenal saliva test and stop tinkering around with this.

Im probably just rambling now - sorry - just a bit lost on all this...

Anyone who has realyl had a break through with t3 and/or CT3M I would really appreciate your advice on your dosing etc. Is it essential to do adrenal saliva test etc


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yes the adrenal saliva test is 'essential' for CT3M (not for T3 only but for CT3M).

I am on T3 only but we are all different and what has worked for me might not work for you.

However, it is not sensible to increase any more than 10mcg at a time and if you have bad adrenals maybe even only 5mcg at a time (or are sensitive to meds), and not sooner than 7 to 10 days of staying at the same dose.

The T3CM relies heavily on you taking BP/heart-rate/temperatures before you are due a dose, and 2 hours post dosing and every time you think you need a dose/have symptoms, the only time you do not do BP/temp is when you wake up for your circadian dose as at that point all you want/need to do is swallow your meds and try to go back to sleep :)


I have to say that even if one does not do T3CM it is very sensible to take BP/heart-rate/temps very often and meticulously when one is increasing their meds, once you reach a good level you can 'relax' on these things.

I don't take my BP/heart rate/temp every day anymore, just now and again to keep in check or if I feel a little different or if I increase, I've been quite stable on T3 for a while.


What would you say a good pulse rate and temperature are to show optimum levels are being reached?


HI, that is not so straightforward to answer......we can make some 'generalisations' ie: for someone who has not exercised in years and is not that fit or at least not to athletic levels then a pulse rate of 65 to 85 is probably normal (at rest), temperature not to go over 37.1 c, and BP again varies but ideally between 100/60 and 120/80. For some people the temperature will reach a peak even before they are 'optimal', also a normal temperature in general is roughly 36.7 to 36.8 on waking and then gradually goes up to 37 by early afternoon. My temperature reached that a long time ago.


Hi totally agree with NBD with regards to keeping a close check on your vital signs. Dr Ps prescription for me was reduce my t4 down and start on 25mcg of t3 in 2 doses....I had adrenal exhaustion diagnosed by saliva test back in may and have been taking nutri adrenal plus other supplements to help them recover. After reading Paula book I thought this method would suit me , stopped my Levo and adrenal support and commenced CT3M. I increased doses gradually and felt better however my vitals then began to drop significantly.....I also noted my pulse had a tendency to increase for 2 hours in the evenings. I thought I needed an increase noting that the heartrate can increase due to both too high or too low t3 in the body. So I did...

AHEM..... After an uncomfortable conversation with Dr P :-/ questioning why I had done what I did.... He said my adrenals were unable to keep up with the ever increasing doses... So I am back on Levo and nutri adrenal and taking t3 12.5 mcg twice a day...

So it is vital to monitor your vitals to know what's causing what because there are so many variables. I would say a saliva test is an essential baseline to have.


Many thanks all - I do need to get back on track with the programme - Ive been round the houses on all this so much over the past 9 years I fluctuate between really trying to get to the final fix and get my hair sorted or completely giving up on ever getting better.

A coupld of quick questions just to clarify-

1) Temps and pulse I can track easily- how do you all track blood pressure?? Did you have to buy a BP machine or something?

2) Adrenal saliva testing - yes I should bite the bullet and get this organise and will do so this week. I am assuming the 24 hour saliva test is the best. Did you completely stop taking all meds for a few day/or how long before doing the saliva test to get a really accurate result?

3) What has T3 or CT3M done/improved for you?

Many thanks


Hi yes, you can buy your own blood pressure monitor, I got one from Boots for approx £25. Try to get the 'cuff' one (which goes round your arm) rather than the wrist one if you can.

For the saliva test you only need to stop adrenal support but not the thyroid meds, adrenal support should be stopped I think for a week prior to the saliva test.


I started CMT3 10 weeks ago. I am with Dr P too but also now trying Paul R's method.

As above The Adrenal Saliva test is essential I would say and a full thyroid Blood Test to check Free T4 & Free T3 as well as Reverse T3 at the same time. Just in case this is causing issues.

I do think checking Vit B12, Vit D, Iron etc is needed too. If they are all at optimum levels you only have the T3 meds to think about.

I too have come off all adrenal support while I try the CM T3 method.

So far I have lost most of my Hypo symptoms and my sleep pattern is now much better. I used to wake every two hours. Bags more energy and no brain fog.

I am now experiencing hot flushes during the day and more headaches and need to seek advice on this. Its early days and I know I need to re tweek but I'm not sure which way to go.

Blood Pressure monitors are not too expensive and I just keep mine on my desk. I bought a battery one so no leads to worry about. I bought it through this sight and Amazon (M10-IT) as it had a smaller than average cuff!

You should have one if your trying to follow CMT3 and record everything as much as you can to start with. It really does help.

Good luck.



I would say the ASI test is essential, if you start the CT3M method and it isn't your adrenals at fault then you will have to much cortisone. I have just purchase the CT3M book to and am keen to start that, It is suggested that all supplements etc should be in place. I had the ASI test done last July. I am looking at the T3 option only but that was because I couldn't convert the T4


Thanks for replying - I did the 24 hour saliva test and I do have weak adrenals so have been using the CT3M dosing method and it definitely makes a difference to how well I sleep. Good luck with your testing too.


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