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Need advice - Just started CT3M dosing - pulse up to 90!!!!

I started CT3M dosing 3 days ago and would need some advice. I took one grain of Erfa at 5 am the first two days. I felt anxious, unsteady, had high pulse and not good at all. This morning I woke up 4.40 and took CM dose then. Wake up, at 7.00am, pulse were 65 (normal for me is 60-65). But rest of the day I have had this horrible sensation in my chest and the pulse have been racing at 75,92,79,84 and now 80. I am on 25 mg HC divided in four doses, so at my 4 am dose this afternoon I took only 2,5 instead of 5 mg BUT puls as I mentioned above still very high. It is scary and I dont really now how to do it properly. I need advice and hopefully someone out here can help.


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I found I suffered with fast pulse and anxiety when I started CT3M on 1 grain of NDT. Paul R suggested that I try 1/2 a grain instead. This didnt have enough effect, so I changed to 3/4 of a grain which felt right. I moved dose half an hour earlier too, but can't really remember how you decide to titrate dos or time. I think there may be some info on Paul's site about this. Xxx


By the way I did have to increase my ct3m dose o 1 grain, but this was after a few months. I now take 1.25 ct3m - there is no way I could have tolerated his to start with.


Thanks ClareBear, I will try to investigate at his site. Maybe I should try 1/2 grain tomorrow. Should I take the other half any time later you think?


Is 1 grain your total dose?


Here is a link that you might ind helpful - it is an overview but also has another link to changing timings/dosing:


Ok, Thanks, I thought I read that generally you have to start with 10-12 mcg T3 so that´s why I started with 1 grain (that also was my wake up dose). I am also on HC and needs advice on how I eventually try decrease that. So if anyone have done it - I would appreciate help.

CLAREBEAR do you mean you moved CM dose earlier, say from 5 to 4.30 at the same time you decreased Erfa to 1/2 grain?

Thanks a lot


Isn't the T3 equivalent of one grain more like 25 mcg? So you are getting twice as much as you think perhaps.

"Or, if you are exchanging a daytime dose from NDT to T3, drop the NDT one grain in half, wait approx. a week or less for some of the conversion of T4 to T3 to start dropping, then replace the half grain with approx. 10 mcg T3, then add more as needed every few days until you get up to approx. 25 mg T3 as a replacement for the one grain NDT that is dropped. It’s all very individual and you have to monitor yourself by your symptoms. Keep in touch with your doctor."


At the moment I take 1 grain CM and 1 grain 13.00-14.00am - so 2 grain in total. Thanks for link as well. :-)


Sorry I can't remember exactly - it was last summer. I think I settled on the 3/4 grain first an the moved it back...

Yes I would stay on same total dose bit maybe spread it out a bit more. I think it's a good sign that you got such a strong effect like I did - it has really helped me :)

I signed up to t.he STTM t3 only FB group and found that very helpful for ct3m support. Xx


Sorry, had to put kids in beds :-)

Very good advice Clarebear - you always seems to be there when I need it :-).

Tomorrow I will take a lower CM dose at same time and see how it goes. Flying to Sweden and has to get up at my cm dosing time but I will take it then even if I am not going back to sleep....not sure how to do it in situations like that.

I pray to all Gods there is in this world, that this will work. I have suffered so many years now and I can´t really remember how it feels to be healthy and feel good anymore. It would be a wonderful feeling.

I have been a member on that group you recommended. I have tried to get in touch with Paul there but at the moment he seems to be busy moving. I hope he can give me some advice in the near future - am very happy to have your generous and fast response though :-)

Thanks for now!!



Good luck and keep us posted :) xx


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