Hi I take all my T3 at night because it seems to suit me best then but does anyone know any way I can improve my sleep pattern?

I seem to have more and more nights where I am wide awake until 3 am. My postural hyper/hypo tension seems to indicate that my cortisol is high this evening and I am wondering if that could be the reason why I've been so wakeful on other nights. I take 3 or 4 Nutri Adrenal a day, in the morning (because it seems to be low first thing) and at lunchtime and I'm wondering if anyone knows anything I can do to regulate my sleep pattern. I think the cortisol should be high in the morning shouldnt it? My tongue tends to tingle in the evening but I think that might be because my T3 levels are winding down.

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  • Have you looked at Paul Robinsons website rwt3.com He is also a member of this forum. His book is also good and there is a new smaller edition. His Circadian method of taking T3 may just help. T3 does support the adrenals I read.....I am probably preaching to the converted :-)

  • Melatonin is used to treat sleep work shift disorder which is essentially an unregulated sleep pattern. I would start there. Also about daily cortisol levels, there's also a second, smaller peak around 5-6 hours after waking if you're trying to immitate natural cortisol fluctuations in the day with nutri adrenal. I'm guessing that is what you are taking that particular supplement. By the way, adrenals produce aldosterone, DHEA, cortisol, as well as epinephrine and norepinephrine. I'm not sure of the oral bioavailability of those things in general but its an important question to have answered if that supplement contains bovine adrenals.

  • Hi pretty sure you should be taking these a few hours before getting up to get on a proper circadian rhythm. I think you are stimulating yourself on the wrong end of the clock thus staying awake.

  • Hi If I take my second lot of t3 any later than 6pm , I have a problem too.Have you tried varying it just a little?


  • Dr Lam suggest GABA for adrenal problems.

  • I use the circadian rhythm method (CT3M) to support my adrenals and it has really helped me. I only take a small dose of T3 before bed so i can sleep and then take half my daily dose of T3 in the early hours ( requires a wake up via alarm but you soon get used to it!). The CT3M is a very powerful method so you need to introduce it carefully-it takes a while to get the best balance correct but worth it. I would recommend Paul Robinson's book called Living with T3. he also has a very supportive website and will answer queries -he helped me to sort mine out. I also take T3 during the day ( a dose on getting up and a dose at lunchtime -to avoid an afternoon slump.

    It sounds like you are taking too much T3 before sleep and this is why you are wide awake until the early hours -try a much smaller dose before bed and look at taking some in the early hours -as Paul describes in his book -but do this carefully -I was shocked at how powerful the CT3M approach is!!!

  • Hi,just ask,do u know if it is v neccesary to have t3blood test before starting on it?(my doc said lab wont do it).Also,do u know if it neccessary to have optimal ferritin(mines only 50ug/L at mo.)and also vit d3(mine is 73nmol/L).As i am considering t3;but another thing i need to find out is whether i need to use CT3M as i am cobfused cos my morn saliva cortisol is v high;daytime normal;bedtime a tiny bit high..(DHEA low).

  • I would definitely optimise your ferritin level -but also make sure your other vitamins are maximize to ensure maximum take up of the thyroid hormones -such as B12, follate, magnesium, iron,- You D3 is just under -they recommend over 80nmol/L

    I am afraid i am no good at interpreting Cortisol results -Have you thought about contacting the lab who did them to ask them? Am guessing you have had them done privately?

    The CT3M method is particularly good for those of us who's adrenals are affected due to our hypothyroidism- as this method naturally allows the normal rhythm to be reinstated. So my adrenals were not really poorly functioning but I did have some signs and symptoms of mild dysfunction - probably due to my adrenals not naturally getting a surge of T3 in the early hours of the morning when they would normally get it -it is when our adrenals do most of it's work too....lol.

    You could try looking up Paul Robinson's site and emailing him about this and your adrenals results. (f you put in Living with T3 and his name I think the search engine will bring up his website. but hopefully someone else on this site will give you a better answer on how to interpret your results.

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks wavy.I have been supplementing all those vits/minerals.My B12 blood test was well over top limit!my folate a lil over.Butmagnesium dont test.I know that the low ferritinis an issue for me ,as i am so much worse ehen i am on my period ,and after;i get tired easily,stressed,and heart is weaker etc.I have recently incr iron suppl to 40/60mg a day..dont know if maybe need lot more.That is a good idea to try email Paul R.I am just so much worse now in the winter that i am a bit impatient to try some kind of thyroid med as soon as is poss.But suppose i need improve iron first,at least.

  • I found Melantonin was a God send could get at least 6 hrs sleep.I have b12 & D deficiency Have had waking tremors nausea,pins & needles in hands,headache ,ringing in ear for 11mths.Seeing neuro next month for numb feet,history of falls.

  • Hi there,

    It would seem that in people with normal T5 to T3 conversion and uptake at a cellular level that T3 production is lower at night. Now this would make sense I suppose because T3 is a stimulant and if it is fighting a normal closing down process readying the body for sleep then adrenal levels would rise and sleep disturbance would follow.

    I tried taking 50mcgs of T3 at night and regretted it immediately (although it seems to work for some people). I take 25mcgs now because I am diabetic and find that if I don't my insulin levels rise. Before experiencing high levels of stress which I do at the moment I took 50mcgs at about 7.00am and 25mcgs at about 4pm.

    Again as some others have done I recommend you read Paul Robinson's book. It is about his journey to being well again and he quotes research and makes detailed personal observations. I do not think I would have gone down the T3 route without reading his Recovering With T3.

    Finally, we are individuals and sometimes it takes time to find what is best for you. It helps to keep a simple diary of the way you feel plus records of blood temperature, pulse rate, any supplements you take and blood pessure/heart rate when possible. Again all this is discussed in Paul's book.

    Can you tell me how your GP measures the effectiveness of T3, mine is struggling?

    Best of luck


  • Hi there I wrote T5 to T3 conversion but I meant T$ to T3. Sorry tryuing t do too many things at the same time.

  • Or T4 even? lol

  • Hi

    I took Ray Peats advice - and started using natural progesterone before bed.

    He says it lowers cortisol levels.


    I also take magnesium supplement before bed, because it`s a muscle relaxant, and recommended to help one sleep by many nutritionalists.

    I agree about melatonin - which I find reliable for inducing sleep. But advice is often given to only use this occasionally, to avoid reducing natural body production.

  • Hi,i just looked at ray peats web and it is interesting but didnt find the specific bit about using progesterone before bed to lower cortisol.Would u mind telling me about how u use it urself;do u use a cream(i have progesterone cream that ive used occasionally)and also,do u use it continuosly through the month ,or only for the 2 wks before period(as is advised if u r menstruating)?Thanks.

  • Thank you everyone. I certainly have some food for thought now.

  • Hi,could u poss tell me how to know if cortisolis high using postural blood pressure readings?thanks

  • Take your blood pressure when sitting then immediately stand up and take it again. If your adrenals which produce the cortisol are working properly the blood presure should be a little higher when you stand up.

  • Thanks.I did know that test for adrenals but want to know how u can tell if cortisol is TOO high.

  • I think you'd feel very wired. X

  • Can u just tell me how u take ur blood pressure when standing(if u use a wrist cuff like me)do u bend the arm at the elbow(at a right angle)andsupport that arm with other hand?

  • Re cortisol being high ,as well standing BP registering much higher than sitting ie

    Sitting 139/89- standing 162/101 would you feel cold numbness of back and back of arms and legs,ache back head neck and shoulder muscles fibromyalgia like temple veins ache and stand out dizziness and loss of balance?. I have been taking a small dose of prednisone for some years for adrenal fatigue. SSI test last March result was deemed normal so Prednisone was stopped, after a few weeks I had problems walking

    And even standing sometimes palpitations and low standing BP. I arbitrarily put myself on prednisone back in November 13. Recently the BP has been high even sitting morning and midday,but a bit erratic for a few months. I am also hypothyroid and take

    T4 25 and T3 10 at 3 am and a small amount of T3 2.5 midday. Feel very unwell

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