People beware of Endo drs only offering radioactive iodine as your treatment!

Saw my endo at hospital for 2nd consultation of Graves disease. He said my thyroid count was nearly back to normal so now it was time for the next step. I asked what that was, his reply was radioactive iodine.! I asked Why was that necessary if my thyroid was coming down. No reply. I then asked if my thyroid count was coming back to normal was there not a possibility this illness may burn itself out. His reply was Yes, a 50% chance. My reply was to continue on current medication and lets see what happens, for the time being.

I went to GP for repeat prescription and informed him of this conversation. He was furious. He said he was not an endo, but I should see the consultant not the dr allocated to me and that their are many different treatments available and this one seemed extreme. He dictated a letter to the hospital in my presence stating his dissatisfaction on my behalf, and his frustration at my treatment. I should have been given all the various options available and not lead to believe there was only one solution.

Thankyou all you people out there who told me to research as much as I could, otherwise I may no longer have my thyroid function at all and be on tablets forever.

Whilst ever I can try to control it myself with diet and homeopathy I will try this route first.

Thanks again, and new comers please research all the options

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  • I couldn't agree with you more. There are so many questions, so many reasons, so many body types, so many different metabolisms.....etc. etc.etc. We must always keep looking and find what's right for us as individuals. Jane x

  • Imagine if you had a life threatening disease which you'd been told had a 50% survival rate. Imagine the doctor stabilising your condition and then saying actually, I may as well kill you now just in case this doesn't work. Sounds crazy? I rest my case.

  • HAHA! How I laughed at your response. It was brilliant!. I will take that with me to my next meeting with a real endo (should it come to pass) and quote your words of wisdom. Thanks for cheering up my day.

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  • I agree do not submit to RAI or surgury until you have read Dr Barry Durrant Peatfields book on Thyroid

  • I believe my caring 16 year old has bought me this for Christmas......looking forward to a good read

  • Don't know if I have asked you this before or if it was someone else but what region are you in?

  • Well done.... very lucky to have this site to help and support us xx

  • I could not agree any more with your succinct reply tilly .....alan xxx

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