Dr Anthony Toft, yay or nae?

Hi all, I'm a newbie to this site. I was diagnosed with Graves' disease some years ago but during pregnancy it seemed to disappear, then reappear after the birth of my child then disappeared again. Three years down the line I've been feeling awful for the last 6 months. My THS levels are coming back normal, I asked my GP to carry out T3 and T4 tests, they said the labs wouldn't do it. I asked to be referred back to the endo clinic at ninewells hospital, this apparently could take till October. I am lucky enough to have a private route through my husbands work, and I am going to be calling tomorrow to make an appointment with Dr Toft. Can anyone advise if they think he is my best option? I'm seeing he seems to have changed his tune of late on the simple THS tests, I don't want to travel all the way from dundee to Edinburgh and feel let down when I could just wait till October and see prof lees at ninewells. Thanking you in advance for any comments

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Hi jillb80

May I ask how he has changed his tune re. TSH?



Hi Peterad, this is just what I'm reading from here mostly, that back years ago he said only test required was THS, now I read from this site and other google searches that he no longer believes this.

Thanks, I'll check out his site.


It was a thread on here someone had emailed him directly about a month ago.

It is funny how in retirement all sorts of public figures say what they really think.

Yeah I was unaware of the medication testing issues until I started to research after my GP refused to test my T3 and T4 to nail a diagnosis again. Seems so strange as I was pretty bad before back in 2010 when first diagnosed. Rather than test themselves they have referred me to the endo at ninewells which could take months and within a matter of weeks my symptoms have gotten worse but have been feeling poorly since March. God knows how I'll feel come October!

Easier to do so when you are your own boss - and probably don't need the money.

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