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My lastest on 'normal range'

Hi all. I posted a few days ago about having normal range on TSH but feeling awful. Been back to a different GP, wish I hadnt bothered. I gave him a list of my sympoms (I've attached list) and he said there is no possible way it is your thyroid, he said its my anxiety and depression and asked me to increase my meds! I refused. I told him my depression is most certainly not the issue, his reply was, 'you may think so but your bodys saying other wise!' He wants me back for an ECG, Bloods: Bone profile, Anti-nuclear antibodies, blood count and C reactive protein.

When I asked for further tests on thyroid I was told no, you've had the only test for thyroid and there's nothing else available, you've tested normal so it's definately not thyroid!

I'm so annoyed and feel it's been a total waste of time seeing him!

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Blood tesults

TSH 4.0 miu/L (0.35-4.5)

Lymphocyte count 0.8 10*9/L (1.0-3.4) - noted below range

Serum protein 69 g/L (60.0-80.0)

Serum albumin 45 g/L (35.0-50.0)

Serum Globulin 24 g/L (18.0-36.0)


You must be furious and it just goes to show how set in their ways. They prescribe 'other' medications for the clinical symptoms, depression being one of the 300+ whilst ignoring the thyroid gland ones and it makes their job so easy. This is a previous post and we've had lots in a similar vein.


You might have no option but to 'go it alone' if you cannot find a receptive doctor.

Has he ever done a Free T3 or FT4 test? Probably not. Our brain has the most receptor T3 cells and if you don't have the FT3 tested and you have insufficient they will prescribe on the TSH alone which is not from the thyroid gland but the Pituitary Gland. They are uneducated. I bet you can fill in a few crosses on the followng and depression is one:-


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He wants to wait until your TSH is 10 - the barbaric number of the 'guidelines' which definitely don't guide us to a reasonable health when we have all the unpleasant clinical symptoms to contend with.



I've never had Free T3 or FT4 test, I can believe he lied and said there are no other tests available, I wanted to scream at him yes there are but after the whole depression and anxiety thing I just had enough and left. He said you are obviously anxious but not taking notice of the signs and listening to your body/masking it. I was fuming!!! Xxx

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Could you have the home tests done through Thyroid UK with Blue Horizon - then you could have everything tested - including vitamins and minerals .... Many people here have used them to support them whilst discussing with the GP. Low B12 and Low VitD - also Low T3 will cause depression.

It is sad that GP's are so poorly informed.



Often TSH is the first line test and if it is within normal range as yours is FT4 isn't tested. FT3 is rarely tested in primary care.

TSH >2.0 indicates your thyroid gland is struggling to produce hormone but NHS doesn't usually diagnose hypothyroidism until TSH is >4.5 or FT4 is under range.

When you next have a thyroid test arrange the blood draw early in the morning when TSH is highest and fast (water only) as TSH drops after eating and drinking.



Chazza_V A TSH of 4 is far too high, you would have a diagnosis of hypothyroidism in some countries with that result.

As he won't do any further thyroid tests I'd just get the Blue Horizon Thyroid Plus Eleven done and present the results to him, then see if he tells you there are no other thyroid tests!


Blue Horizon is (or uses) an accredited lab that the NHS use.


Sounds like every doctor Ive seen in the last 20 years. They are willing to spend money sending you for tests to make it look like he knows what he is talking about and will probably come back as nothing wrong then he can say he has done what he can and it is all in your head. "here take these anti depressants"!. Ive been there and got the t shirt. Lost all faith in all doctors and if I have to see one I get so anxious that they are going to just come out with the same old spiel. "its in your head" or " you are depressed" or "its your weight". I have also been told I have fibromyalgia when all my symptoms are clearly thyroid related. Ive just gone around in circles getting fatter and sicker year on year and my tsh (the marvel test) increased from 3 to 6.90 so still under the magic No 10 (normal!).


It's rediculous isn't it! I've always had low iron, I remember going to give blood when I was about 18 and they said my iron was too low, during pregnancy I had low iron (GP didn't pick that up from 3 visits c/o fatigue, etc, told me 'well that's just pregnancy' but midwife did on 20wk blood check) and got me straight on iron tablets same day! unfortunately I haemorrhaged after having my son but was never told to keep taking. The more I sit and look back the more I see the symptoms have been there, slowly surfacing. I shall persist until I'm listend too!!!

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I also got a copy of my blood results and the TSH range was 0.3-4.5 and my result was 4 but that was unfasted and midmorning


To make matters worse he took my blood pressure on a digital machine, didnt ask me to roll my sleeve up, i had a thickish long sleeve top on and it my reading came out 131/77, I told him my usual is 121/80, his comment well that's your reading this is mine, it's very normal!

Took my resting pulse, I told him it's usually 68, his reply well it's 90, my reply yes well I did say I didn't feel right.

I told him I'm a Personal Trainer and have this equipment at home, use it successfully so know about how to use it and reading results. He then asked if I knew how to take a pulse rate!


I keep remembering things from way back when I had symptoms that were pushed aside or blamed on my mental health. even thinking back to when I was a child and used to get bone pain which used to get described as growing pains. I too take my own blood pressure especially before a doctor appointment because I have had so many times that it has not been taken properly or Ive been anxious about the appointment (white coat syndrome) and Ive been wrongly prescribed medication. Unfortunately I have in the past taken this med believing the doctor knows best (huh not now) and the med has caused other illness because it wasn't needed. I had private blood test done by blue horizon (couldn't really afford it but needed to settle my mind) and GP refused to accept this.


I don't know how taking a blood pressure over a thick sleeve would change the results, it's not an experiment I've ever tried. But I do know that being stressed by a doctor will raise your blood pressure and heart rate. It doesn't mean the result is "normal for you", it is just what happens when you get an a***hole of a doctor winding you up.


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