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Got sent for by the quack!!

Apparently the endo wrote to both me and the doc in december - I havent got any letters. With VIT D reference range of 50 to 120 (hurray the lab actually did the test this time!) I am at 47 and need to be on short term VIT D for 6 months. Dont know about you, a few weeks is short term not 6 months!!

I told the quack I was coming to see him anyway, as I want to see a different endo, as the one I got sent to by the consultant I saw in the summer, is an antiquated dinosaur that doesnt see the patient, and goes off the reference ranges all the time, despite the numbers being so far apart. That he said it is CFS, and I asked for an explanation, and he snapped at me Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, but did not offer any advice or treatment options. I explained that this is the line we should be at, and one level is this far above, and another is this far below, but according to him, as long as they are 'within normal boundaries' they are fine. Yet 2 (!!) different consultants insisted that I needed to see him for treatment! He is refusing that I need treatment as I am 'within the normal boundaries' I pointed out that I have been feeling this way for over a year now, and am at the end of my tether of being passed from pillar to post, and getting angry that my being upset is being passed off as depression.

AND I asked about the pins and needles and numbness in both my hands. He suspects carpal tunnel syndrome, and sent me for xrays, and has given me naproxen anti-inflammitaries to see if they help.

In the meantime, I did yet another quick questionnaire to determine depression, yes that old chestnut. I have to go back in 3 weeks to get the results of these xrays, and he said he will go through my bloods again.

Ann xx

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Cant believe how the NHS can waste so much money on unnecessary tests all because one idiot endo doesn't believe that the TSH reference range doesn't work for certain people. I wonder how much the xray and the drugs he has given you are costing the NHS just because "in his opinion" the pins and needles are nothing to do with your thyroid issues. Can you imagine the money the NHS would save if they got rid of all endo's that were of a similar ilk to him - tens of thousand of pounds annually in unnecessary tests and medication would be my guess.

Hope your GP listens to your concerns and refers you elsewhere. Have you tried naming the endo of your preference?

Moggie x


Please don't get me started on the stupid depression questionnaire... it's the equivalent of the (equally stupid) candida questionnaire in that literally everyone who takes it will score highly. It is not a good diagnostic tool. In my book depression is a symptom, not a disease!

Pins and needles in your hands could be a lot of things from trapped nerves to vitamin B12 deficiency, or simply very poor circulation (probably caused by hypothyroidism!).


Thanks for the replies xx

Its a joke, and the vit D states do not take if you have underactive thyroid....... Its not official yet, but do I risk taking them??

Cant win can I, and the docs systems are still down so I cant book my appointment to see him again in 3 weeks!!

Oh the joys of the NHS!!

Ann xxx


Im not medically trained but I was under the impression that an Xray would not show up carpel tunnel syndrome. For that you need to have nerve induction tests! All an xray will do is rule out other conditions that can mimic CTS. So again probably waste of money!


The xrays I think, are to rule out arthritis xx


Carpal tunnel is a symptom of hypothyroidism. I have had it and it has gone due to being properly medicated. It is very painful. I cannot access a link at present but this is a doctor who goes by clinical symptoms as well as TSH.


As far as I am aware carpal tunnel 'happens' in one wrist first.

Which is why I questioned my bilateral carpal and cubital tunnel symptoms (elbows). [Apologies for those who have heard me say this before, but if just one person avoids surgery, like me, brilliant!].

First I thought it was something else (my spare neck ribs) together with the 'bucket' CFS diagnosis (no treatment - just pace yourself) after a Partial Thryoid op. I don't believe in co-incidences.

X-rays? have you broken both wrists? My nerve conduction tests (2) were negative but they still wanted to op anyway - in my mind, something else was going on. (Shaws has an archive link to Dr Lowe on the subject of swelling & Myxodema, can't find it either!)

I had low vitamin D (40) when I got up to 50 the 'elbow-ometer' was fine, but if I forget to take my drops for a few days, elbows then wrists hurt and are too weak to lift a saucepan.

This is only my experience, others have said that symptoms go with the correct Thyroid medication. (unfortunately I do know of several people, on another forum and personally, who have had CTS ops with no improvement, conversely some Do improve (not bilateral).

I was not aware that "vit D states do not take if you have underactive thyroid" - I don't know what sort you have been prescribed, but that is worrying, as it's not only me who has benefited from Vit D3 supplements. It does affect calcium - so you should have a calcium test too (my GP refused this). However I do know of some who avoid Vit D, or sunshine, as on other medication.

As for anti-depressants - don't get me started! Of course we're depressed without proper thyroid treatment! I've been offered them for various reasons - insomnia, muscle aches etc, even daughter for being under-weight! Fine if you are actually depressed!

I believe low B12 also causes numbness etc. So isn't it worth testing & sorting the vitamins and minerals anyway?

J :D


J, I have been ambidextrous since I was 11. When my right arm gets tired, I simply use my left!! People get confused at work, when they realise I am writing with a different hand. I love confusing them even more when I write with both hands at the same time!!! My right is that wee but worse than my left.


I have been given tablets, not drops, and it states in the warnings not to take if you are underactive thyroid xx


I had to fill in a depression questionnaire at my doctors, at the end of the questions I wrote "I have an illness that no-one acknowledges or deigns to treat properly so its no wonder I am ******* depressed!!

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