I am scared,feeling like death for 3 months ,hashimotos for 11yrs ,went hyper ,slowly redu

cing from 150 mcg to 75 mcg.Feeling odd ,exhuasted,jittery,just holding it together looking out on the world.GP not really intrested just wait and see, all other test normal.

GP said when my tsh unrecordable and free thyroxine 26 max level 18 it might make me feel ill.Got tsh last week tsh 0.85 and free thyroxine 16 ,said normal and i should feel ok but I keep getting jittery ,heart pounding ,odd feeling that almost has a taste inside my body ,sounds odd I know ,not mad and worse at times ,comes in waves

.Iam so ill,crying and anxious.Seeing Endo end of Jan how can I cope till then.Gone back to work ,but not coping at all ,may have to go off sick again.

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  • Hi You need your TSH, T4 and Free T3 tests and results with ranges.T4 should only be just about in top third of range, however, it looks like you are not converting enough of it to Free T3very common. Without all 3 tests impossible to know. The GP was right to decrease the T4 but it looks obvious to me that you must need some T3 also. Only the 3 tests will show you this. If GP unable to test all 3, can you pay for it on Blue Horizon, do not go to a private hospital, very expensive that way. Quote TUK 10 for a reduction, finger prick or venous good well tested and well known Lab.


  • Do you have results for ferritin it could be that is low and your problems are result of reverse t3 because without ferritin at 70 or above you cannot utilise thyroxine properly

  • Yes ,I agree also the other tests, D autoimmune, B12 + foliates and diabetes, are also important.


  • Susie and Niamh - you both sound hyper to me from the anxiety attacks you're having, palpitations, the goitre and being slim.

  • Hi T4 is one part of a thyroid test, measure the T4, Free T3 ( there is another one, which is useless, must be Free, F), measures the Free T3 in your body. It is common with thyroid disease to find the T4 in the body and taking in meds is not enough to convert all the FT3 you need. This is a separate test and should be done with TSH, T4 and Free T3. The only way of knowing, It is common to need separate meds to be taken, for T4 ( levo) and a tablet for T3. T3 is very strong should bes tarted slowly , even if script for more. Always split into 2 per day, 12 hours a part. You have a high after 2-3 hours from the T3.

    I hope that is clear.


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