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I have been really ill for 7 weeks hashimotos gone hyper for no reason.Reduced thyroxine with little effect,neck feels odd feel like I am

dying.TSH was unrecordable 7 weeks ago ,was 0.10 last week.Have felt hyper in past but not ever felt like this I feel my very essence has gone ,feel jittery faint,anxious GP not at all bothered .Have had heart moniter and chest x ray done alll normal,24 hour x3 testurine done they have lost 2 results!I am at my wits end do not know what to do to get help

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Been there, its horrible, but it does pass, honest! Its just your thyroid putting out more hormones in an effort to avoid being overwhelmed. The thyroid loses the battle eventually and you are rendered hypothyroid forever. Being hyper was what finally drove me to demand some investigation or action... The only plus side was that I went down to a size 10 , but was so hyper I couldn't concentrate to the end of a sentence, so even conversation was out..

Can't offer any help I'm afraid, just hang on..... I was jittery for about 4 months...... Might be worth you having some beta blockers?

G xx


Thankyou so much I am not alone and going mad


I am hypo so cannot advise on Hashi's and am glad Galathea has given some advice.

This will also give you some info. As Galathea says, some betablockers, short term, may help.


You not alone and not going mad, it only feels that way. When I went to docs she said hyper straight away and tested hormones, I had felt rough and been complaining for a couple of years but fobbed off all the time. She was really surprised that I came back as hypo with hashimotis rather than hyper. I had never heard of thyroid problems but 25 years on I know that was my thyroids last effort. At this point some people are mistakenly diagnosed hyper and have thyroid removed..... No.. Don't do that..... It will subside ....... The question is when!

Xx. G


This is one of a series of informative videos on differing causes of hypothyroidism as an auto immune condition. You can select other ones to watch as well. I do believe he makes a lot of sense.


Hi Some people do have a low tSH, Mine is immeasurable. If it is unusual for you, then you need a 24 hour urine collection for the pituitary Gland. You also need the tests, results + ranges for T4 and Free T3, TSH on it own is not a good guide, nor in fact, to some degree is how you feel, Hypo can be identical in symptoms to Hyper, blood tests are the only way combined with how you feel.

Best wishes,



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