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Help,no were to go.Hashimotos for 11years,went hyper 9 months ago.Been really ill since then my whole life dominated by how I feel.

Was on

150mcg Teva they got recalled and went on 3 different makes till I found workhardt.

Took 150 mcg of that for few weeks and suddenly went hyper TSH 0.01 T4 26.

Went down to 100mcg for 5 weeks TSH 0.10.

Went down to 100mcg one day 75 mcg the next for 5 weeks tsh 0.85 t416.4 .In hospital for tests as felt so ill all tests normal,

went up to 100 mcg a day tsh 1.99,

Went to endo who said go to 125 mcg which I did for 6 weeks and TSH 0.11,feeling hot ,sweaty and hyper ,acne ,nausea,but mood better and no aching joints.

Went down to 100mcg one day and 112.5 mcg the nex tfor 6 weeks TSH 0,06 free thyroxine 19,2 T3 5.2.


Now on 100mcg daily,achy joints ,low mood,I feel ill and different every day.

I feel over the years I have been going downhill ,feeling well only a few days at dose change.

I have never been stable. GP or Endo do not know what to do.I struggle to get through working day as a nurse,

Can anyone help ?Thanks.

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Hi Susie, for the past 2.5 weeks I have been having diarrhoea, feeling as though I am going to faint, lost 3/4 stone and feel as though I am burning. Thyroid medication at the moment is very bad. Am going to GP for fourth time in two weeks. Stool samples come back clear of infection, so feel this must be something to do with meds. Janet.


P>S> forgot to say I am only on 25mcg of Wockhardt and have been since February because Mercury Pharma caused side effects. Have tried Actavis in the past and got terrible stomach pains. Wish they would bring back Eltroxin. Janet.


Forgive me for asking such an obvious question - but is that horribly low ferritin level being addressed? On 2 counts really (1) *why* is it so low and (2) if you're taking iron supps, why aren't they being absorbed?


H iLilymay,did not know ferritin was low as receptionist phoned and said GP said they were fine !I am off to gp to check these levels and ranges and will post them here,to see gp also to get some ferritin too,did not know this can make you feel so ill.


been to GP got printed results.They got iron and ferritn levels mixed up on phone.

Ferritin -67 range-13-150

iron-12 range - 5-28

calcium corrected2.36 -range2.10-2.55

magnisium-0.98 range -0.70-1.00

cortisol444 range-275-690

It does also say %satn of transferrin 19 TSH0.19,never did well with low tsh normally like it to be 1.00 and over,but keeps going low.

This looks normal to me .what do you think ,am at the end of my tether


Ah, ok. 67's much better (though 70 would be even better. Many thyroid experts suggest ferritin levels above 70 help T4 to convert to T3, though I've yet to find research that shows that number to be optimal--sounds about right though).

However, even with optimum conversion, your body might not be able to use T3 at a cellular level, and other nutritional deficiencies might be the reason for that.

I had a quick scroll thru your older posts but couldn't spot that you'd ever had Vit D or Vit B12 tested?

Both or either of low Vit D and low Vit B12 would leave you feeling lousy--and it's really common for folks with Hashi's to be deficient in one or both.



Thanks lilymay awaiting vit d results ,will let you know,really apprecaite your support.


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