Went back to work yesterday and feel like death today !I do not know how I coped.

Have hashimotos for 11 yrs ,went hyper 6 months ago ,

reduced from 150 mcg daily to 100mcg one day 75 mcg the next for 5 months ,then went up to 100mcg daily now on 112.5 mcg daliy as tried to go up to 125 mcg and felt terrible.I still feel awful but different ,some things are better but other things ,like feeling hot in face and exhuasted are worse,feeling I feel I am falling of the edge of a cliff.One nights good sleep .the next nIght feeling awful.My TSH is 1.99 ,rising even though I have increased dose of thyroxine.I feel I need more thyroxine but feel awful when increasing What should I do ?

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  • Gosh it sounds tricky. Do you feel well enough to do any exercise and follow the same regime every day. I have found that exercise can help me get better ( but I know you have to have enough wellness to feel that you can do it)

  • Thanks ,I will try

  • Have you considered adding some T3?

  • Yes I have wondered about this but I feel I need to get stable first.Thanks for comment.

  • see my post to countrygirl, try paleo diet

  • Thankyou

  • sorry for short reply earlier, but was going out. I am hypo but have antibodies and so have been up and down a lot over last 2 years. I paid for a private ultrasound scan which showed severely atrophied thyroid. I am now reading Robb Wolf "The Paleo Solution" and will be trying the diet. He recommends Gluten free for auto immune issues (antibodies) and his book makes a lot of sense to me. I shall post on here how I get on. Hope you can resolve your issues

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