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So i am loosing my hair, and i have sub hypothyroidism my doctor says where it isn't over or under the levels, could hair loss still be due to hypo (hair thin and sparse all around scalp)

Also i am very pale, a yellowish coulour, i am always very cold whenever people touch me they say im freezing and have fast heart rate even though im hypo, just had blood test result back doctor said there fine, have also had full blood count

Anyone know why hairloss maybe or steps i could take to find out my doctor, said its ok but im loosing more and more so i am confused

Serum free T4 Level 16.1 pmol/L (9-28) i cant find a T3 level

Serum TSH level 7.33 mu/L (0-5)

Serum albumin 53 g/L (35-50)

Serum Total bilirubin level 14 umol/L (0-20)

Lympocyte count 4.64 10*9L (1.5-4.0)

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  • Your t4 is low and your ths is too high. I did not begin to feel better till my ths was below one and this is the case for many people. You need to go back to your gp or change gp, also you need b12, vit d3, iron, folate checked, it will take time but you will get better, ask as many questions as you can and read all you can, all the best.

  • My GP prescribed Thyroxine when my TSH was 7 and increased my Thyroxine further when it was 2.23. I take it he wont prescribe Thyroxine? If that is the case you need to insist, or find another GP who will!

    Do you have the blood test results from the full blood count? If so can you get them and post them on here. Ferritin needs to be above 70 for optimal Thyroid function, just having blood count as fine is not enough. Being under medicated can cause anxiety and is not good for the heart. My palpitations went away with an increase in meds.

  • thanks guys going to look into these further and see an different gp thank you.

  • Hi have you had your ferratin levels checked. My daughter had dramatic hair loss which we put down to her graves disease but I read up that increasing her ferratin levels to the top end of the range helps. Once she had been on the ferritin tablets for about a month the difference was amazing. Worth a try, if you do supplement its important to take it away from your thyroid meds if you are on them & have your iron levels checked quarterly to check you don't take too much.


  • Does iron levels being checked show if the ferratin is ok just had iron level checked and its ok wondering if it shows ferratin

  • It should do, ask for a print off of all the results & it should show the ranges. You should be aiming for the top end of the range in my daughters case her optimum level is 60 but different labs have diffent ranges so feel free to post sure results if you get them.


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