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Louise's list of NHS/Private list of Endos

Hi Louise and everyone

My daughter was a patient of Dr. Skinners.

Her G.P. diagnosed CFS as her TSH was in so called 'range' but Dr. S diagnosed Hypo and prescribed levo.

I do not think for one minute that her G.P. will prescribe levo let alone any T3 which Dr. S was going to request for her. We were looking at self treating but I would really prefer her to be helped by another Doctor.

My question is will any of the NHS/Private Doctors/Endos on Louise's list treat her with her TSH been in range or will look at the whole picture and treat her on her symptoms.

Many thanks browny

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If you email louise.warvill@thyroiduk.org she will reply.


Thanks shaws


Hi If she wants to see an Endo, ask their sec about treatment before asking for a referral.Explain she is already on treatment.

Best wishes,



Hi Jackie, Thanks that's great advice.

Best wishes browny


Hi Browny

Our lists have a bit of info about each Doc/Endo that they have either supplied themselves or we have heard from other people.




Thanks Louise


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