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Need some good links please

A quick recap: undiagnosed hypothyroid, dismissive arrogant doctor, visit to Dr S, diagnosed started on Levo, Dr S wanted me to go up to 125, my doc wanted me to stop at 100 for 8 weeks then retest, wasn't feeling any better so went to 125 anyway, so on 125 for 4 week, my results are:

TSH 0.05 range 0.3-5.5

T4 26.3 range 12-22

T3 6.4 range 3.1-6.8

vit D and calcium not back yet

to see what I was like before Dr S diagnosis, please look at profile

I am very pleased with these results as I am starting to feel better at 125. I have suppressed TSH with high T4 and normal T3 as per Dr Toft the GP guru.

What I really need to convince my doc to keep me on 125 is evidence that my heart won't beat out of control and my bones won't disappear!

Some links to some nice scientific studies would be very useful before my next appointment.

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would love feedback on my results as well pleased!


Blood tests mean nothing, its all about how you feel!! Your doctor is not allowed to change or reduce your meds without your agreement so simply don't agree!!! Even if you send your doctor evidence they do not act on it!!! I sent my endo 7 A4 pages of references but he never looked up any of them. I refused to lower my dose and every time he mentions it now I tell him that we have to agree to disagree or we will just argue about it.


Glynisrose the doc said she wouldn't support an increase to 125, you're saying she is not allowed to do this? I have been breaking tablets up. I'm dreaing telling her I ignored advice :(


I sent a letter to my GP just before my appointment, along with this information below. I also told her I'd bring Dr Tofts book "Understanding Thyroid Disorders" were he recommends TSH for optimal health to be 1 or barely audible.

She agreed straight away to increase my levo, and actually said the words "I like to treat the patient not the lab results" I nearly kissed her feet!

Hope this helps.


Your doctor MAY NOT lower your dosage or change your tablets WITHOUT your agreement!! That is NHS law!!


thanks everyone, I have some great stuff now, good sound up to date research.


This is one - don't be put off by the heading. In fact it does say that we are kept on to low doses and the rest is self-explanatory.

Does your doctor want to be responsible for you developing other diseases which could be avoided? Your blood tests are fine but as said above it is all about how we feel and if our metabolism is good and we feel good we are on the right dose.


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