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Private endos blood request


Having gone to private endo last week my Gp agreed to take bloods that he requested. they are as follows....

TSH 56,54 (0.34-5.60)

free t4 11.9(7.50-21.10)

free t3.4.73(3.0-5.0)

Tsh has gone down from 99 but is still high also t3 almost at upper end of range.

These reults are not making any sense...

Any ideas please

Thanks Christine

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Well that's v interesting. And your symptoms include missed beats with vision disturbances and pins and needles all at once. Don't suppose that's surprising with a tsh so high.

Others who really know will reply, it is clear your thyroid is being screamed at to produce T4 and the poor thing can barely do it. Has your thyroid been scanned? Is it atrophied to near non existence? ... t3 is presumably being processed elsewhere, the whole system, however, being put under enormous strain.

others will be along soon to tell me I am talking Hitler's missing parts.

Do you feel v tired, or kinda nervously tired... you will have distinctive symptoms to match this pattern of results I would guess.


I see that panic attacks seem to be associated with similar results reported by others.... have you had any liver function tests?


Thanks for your reply.

Not had scan on thyroid only physical exam, i susspct no thyroiud function now.

Yes symptoms varied and a little odd along with many underactive symptoms.

Not sure if neurological symptoms are caused by my thyroid problem or some underlying cause which im trying to get to the bottom of.

Im wondering if my piturity glad is not recieving messages to stop producing tsh as normally with such a tsh t4 would be alot lower as would t3.

Main symptoms at present, fatigue,numbness, vision issues,stiffness, pain, confusion, sensory and motor problems.

No weight gain, not cold. Episodes of overheating, palps and panic attacks at times.



would make sense if there was a break in the feed back loop to the pituitary as u say, but I wonder why you would have your quite severe symptoms if it was just that... I will read the responses of others to this with great interest. Thank you so much for posting, it really builds a picture of which symptoms go with which results. I hope you solve the mystery very fast.


And have you been tested for both hashis and graves antibodies?

Looking around, it seems that it is also possible that this result is just from the diseased gland stimulating t3 production as it fails, in a wild reaction to the autoimmune attack, in which case the t3 may soon begin to fall.


Yes i have Hashimotos, antibodies over 1000.

Jan TSH 99 t3 6

Nov tsh 6 with t3 over upper end of limit.

Thanks for your input what you say makes alot of sense.

I did read somewhere about T3 storage but cant remember too much about it.


Thanks...No thyroid in the family....only me and have cfs/fibro diagnosis but i susspect symptoms are thyroid related.

Its exactly what your saying that concerns me as normally a very high tsh would result in low t3 and t4.

Hopefully new endo will have some advice on how to proceed.

Im stuck on 75 of levo as any higher bad palps and t3 rises even more.

Thanks Christine


Hi yorkshiregirl44,

Have you had B12 and Folate checked. Your present symptoms could be down to low levels in them.



Yes those levels appear to be at good at the moment.

Maybe a hashi flare thats causing it but its all just guess work im afraid.


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