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Doctor's Appointment Today

I have a doctor's appointment today at 2.30pm. I have to get my Zolodex injection. Can't wait until I get it because I'm at the end of my tether with all of this.

I got the injection just 2 weeks ago but I want to get it early this time to prevent me from going into the cycle again. The second injection was not due until the 20th of December and that is just 5 days before Christmas. If I get it sooner rather later it could help things a bit better. Under my arms are sore again and I can feel my body going into another cycle.

When I am there I will ask about the TSH range. I got the blood results the other day and was told they are 12.3 roughly. That's my T4 I think.

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It is preferable if you get a print-out of your blood tests results. I, for one, could never remember the numbers or ranges.

I hope your injection helps you.


Thanks Shaws. I had the injection before for three months, May, June and July and I was like a new woman. I couldn't get over how different I became with being on the injection. I then went back to square one once the injections were finished.

With the thyroid, I have to ask the doctor what range reference as someone said to me earlier that she thinks I am being under medicated if it's the range that she was on.


Yes, we have to make sure we aren't undermedicated as many doctors think if we are 'within range' everything is fine and we may not feel well at all.


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